Rachel L. Z.

Rachel L. Z. Poems

1. Sticks And Stones 5/27/2007
2. Hate 6/29/2007
3. Secret Meetings 8/17/2007
4. What You Don'T See 11/11/2007
5. Dilemma 11/11/2007
6. Thinking Of You 2/11/2008
7. Snowing 2/12/2008
8. Leaving 2/20/2008
9. Helplessness 5/3/2008
10. Fly To California 5/3/2008
11. Happiness 5/4/2008
12. I'Ve Moved On 5/4/2008
13. Blue Sky 5/7/2008
14. Disaster 8/7/2008
15. So Much To Say 8/8/2008
16. No Apologies 8/8/2008
17. Matters Of Making (And Keeping) Friends 8/10/2008
18. Road Ahead 10/17/2008
19. Masks 2/15/2010
20. The Song (Sonnet) 7/14/2007
21. See Me As I Am 5/4/2008
22. My Jail Cell 11/11/2007
23. It's Funny 10/14/2007

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It's Funny

It's funny how the ones who show you the most love,
Are often the ones who say it the least
It's funny how the ones who tell you they love you the most,
Are often the ones that hurt you the most

It's funny how the ones who beg for forgiveness,
Are often the ones who least deserve it
It's funny how the ones who mess everything up,
Are often the ones who make you feel guilty

It's funny how the ones who are the happiest,
Are often the ones who've known the most heartache
It's funny how those hearts can always mend themselves,
If you give them enough ...

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Secret Meetings

No one believes anymore
In Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny,
Even Cupid has lost his fans.
So they get together once a month
To plot their revenge on children everywhere

They meet in Cupid's basement,
Because Santa's basement is much too cold,
And Bunny's is filthy

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