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When Love Is Lost

Inside the mind of a madman
Thoughts I dare not try to explain
Reality grabs you unaware
Enough to drive a mind insane
I pretend that you don't bother me
I say I'll never again care
How long will I be missing you?
My heart is broken & needs repair
Everyday thoughts & dreams
A desire for something more
Constant reminders cross me
How our lives were... before
Do you think about where you're headed?
Or the places that you've been?
Is it the comfortable place you miss,
In the company of a VERY good friend?
Time sometimes changes hearts
and ...

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Time leaves us moments
that noone can explain.
Time heals the hurt
and eases the pain.
Time passes by us
slowly, day by day.
As it passes by,
our memories fade away.
When will I know?

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