Racina Rodriguez

Rookie (Feburary the 17th,1988 / Barcelona)

Biography of Racina Rodriguez

I was born by a sparkling river, that bent and curved through ancient buildings made of clay and stone
Under the star light I cried as I came into the world.
My mother left me by the water's side wrapped in warm cloth.
At dawn, when the suns smile met my face, A kind poor lady, scooped up in her arms and carried me home
There she called me her own for she had no one,
she named me Racina after the red roses that grew along the rivers shore.
She taught me how to weave words together, to create a pretty cloak of poems.
though, I use to hide these words, for fear a thief may steal them away from me.
I am a fairytale.
A mystery
No one has read of.
But now, I feel it is time to release my words.
Release them in a wild rush
I hope, to you all, that you will enjoy my words...


Racina Rodriguez's Works:

Strike the cords, silver bullets, Running

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Murdered By Arson

She lit the match, tounge of flame burned bright
She lit him on fire, burning him to the ground with her harsh words
Only ash and the silent scream of a dead soul remains

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