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I like to write. I like to love people. I like to love life. That means the good and the bad. Some days I enjoy the dark side a little more. That is to say the darkness in my actions and in others. For the most part the light is where I stay but what is good and bad is all objective. You may think my light is dark and my dark whimsical.

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That Lady The Whore

I saw her walking down the street around dawn.
Easy to spot she wasn't out for a jog.
She did pass some women who were though, they whispered and tried not to let on they were staring.
She could feel it, but wearing the look of someone who had never felt enough or felt far too much in her life, yet it was a type of stare she was used to.
Cars pass.
Everyone looking at the woman with her well worn heels that seemed to be far too small for her, the blue jean skirt that even in warm weather w

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