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Rafael started writing poems when he was in 3rd year High School. He found it very entertaining and sounds melodic everytime he reads it. By means of poem, he show and express his deep emotions about something he wants to share to everyone.

Writing poems may be boring to some people especially to people in his current age, which is 15. But actually, it'll be very nice to be a hobby for someone. It won't just make poets popular or look classy; it will reflect from ourselves and make us to be more imaginative. It'll also make us explore our minds.

Rafael is currently studying at Little Merry Hearts Montessori Center as a graduating student and is also the news editor of their school publication 'The Heartiline'.

As a poet, his motto was 'Life is just like Math, every problem has a right solution.'

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Loving In Shadows

I love you without a specific reason
This is love; not an infatuation
You make my life meaningful, you're my ambition
In my very speech, you're the intonation

You may not know me, but I'll show you my feeling
I will work hard, your heart is what I'm aiming
I'll pursue my feelings, it is my mission
You swipe away my sadness, you're my ventilation

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