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I am a man that is different from this world. I am a man that loves joy, peace, truth, and humbleness. I was once that young man who lust with the same woman. I was once that young man who anger people loved, but It was close to causing my death. I was once that young man who wrote poetry to expose those who hurt others. I always loved, helped, and cared for another, but the difference about my pass and now is my pass desired the blood of those who lie, beat, cheat, and decrease the faith of a woman, child, or innocent man. Woman would love my anger, but I could never understand why. Men would always run to me to do or say something they didn’t have the guts to say, but men who love drama always push my anger to collide with another. Now I despise being angry. Hopefully that doesn’t cease me in being the leader everybody makes me to be. I hold so much inside even though I constantly write I have over 500 8page poems that I’ve have written, but those poems are for me and those the Lord allowed to read them now. My new poems are for PoemHunter. I’ve been beaten mentally and physically. My heart has been torn and put back together with a few pieces missing. I’ve help people so much that I feel all of their burdens. I love everyone so much that I have faith in all of you. I have faith in the miracle you are before and after you reach your dream in life. Even if you never reach your dream, because of plans didn’t go well I still love that you have the Holy Spirit inside you. The Holy Spirit is the good conscience in you. I do go to school at Lone Star College now majoring in creative writing and computer programming. Yes I am only 20 years old on this date July 30,2009. I’ve been writing poetry for 6 years and last time I counted in 2005 I written over 500 poems. Now I don’t know how many the Lord has me wrting, but really I don’t care, because I write to heal not to be the best. Only God is the best. Yes I am African American, French, and Native American. I’m most likely mixed with something else, but now I don’t know. Yes I’m bright and I was raised by powerful women. No I’m not into men. If you read my poems you can see that I been praying for that one woman that’s for me sent from God, so I can bless her with more of Gods love and She can bless me the same. I had many near death experiences and I was a rapper when I started out to write poetry. I use to write about money and being the number one thug that sets the world straight, but when the nicest woman in world I know took her own life. I began to write to the soul of a person, because after that woman passed I met many women that wanted to take there own life as well. Thanks to the seed God placed in me all of those women are very close sisters of mine and today they live with powerful testimonies and God giving faith. It’s funny how now their helping me out a lot when I beg God to take me, but as you can see I’m still here. My job for God isn’t yet finished on this world. I love my mom as she is a gift Jesus gave to me before I was born. I love mercy, so I love Jesus Christ. I love God as if God is now my wife and I’m still fighting these lonely feelings in the battle of life. Spiritually I’m never alone, but earthly the lonely feeling in me is so strong, so Michael Jackson I understand how Ben the mouse was your first true friend. I understand how your blessed, but still feel that something’s missing. I understand how everyone is quick to judge you, but say they'er in love with your talent. I understand how it feels to have so much to say, but can’t let it out. I know how it feels to endure so much.I understand how it feels to want to live a life as a kid and have fun under God. Anything you want to ask me feel free. Our poetry is open for everybody. Our meaning God, Jesus, and me.

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My Double Of Me

Have the Lord ever introduced you to your double?
Has Lord ever blessed you threw someone who feels like you?
I apologize if the beginning of this poem confuses you,
But can you just cease whatever your doing if it’s the Lords will and imagine another me being overseas.
Imagine that your troubles will rise,
But ever so quickly flee once you meet your double.

I wish for you to understand this piece of poetry about this second me,
So let me reveal this double of mine encounter in det

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