Rafiqul Anowar

Rookie (15/10/1978 / Chittagong)

Rafiqul Anowar Poems

1. O My Blatant Heart! 4/28/2011
2. Lie 4/29/2011
3. You 4/29/2011
4. To The Troy 5/3/2011
5. Morning After A Sleepless Night. 5/3/2011
6. The Mood Is Young (Fezaa Bhee Hain Jawaan, Jawaan) 5/3/2011
7. And That Is... 5/3/2011
8. Emptiness 5/3/2011
9. Magic Girl: 5/3/2011
10. A Wish 5/3/2011
11. In A Silence 5/3/2011
12. The Day You Decided To Go – 5/3/2011
13. Regret 5/3/2011
14. The Thing Always Happens That You Really Believe In; And The Belief In A Thing Makes It Happen 5/3/2011
15. Between You & Me (Part – 1) 5/3/2011
16. Between You & Me (Part – 2) 5/3/2011
17. Me And My Solitude 03 5/3/2011
18. Me And My Solitude 01 5/3/2011
19. Me And My Solitude 02 5/3/2011
20. Melancholia 5/3/2011
21. So Far So Good... 5/3/2011
22. Reborn 5/3/2011
23. The Fable Once I Heard.... 5/3/2011
24. Good Bye And Remember Me 5/3/2011
25. Flame By A Fire Stick 5/3/2011
26. A Word 4/28/2011
27. Happy New Year To You 9/14/2011
28. Funny Joker’s Remembrance 5/3/2011
Best Poem of Rafiqul Anowar

Funny Joker’s Remembrance

The joker lived in my town.
Made fun
And made people happy with his life.
Children played with his old beard;
Curious of its snowy whiteness.

Think if I were like him!
If people be happy with my fun like him,
But I fear.

At night
Joker slept in dusty corner of the street.
No blanket, no bed, no pillow under the misty cold sky.
Felt as he was alone as the sky.

Far from the sky
Stars were amazed by his dazzling eyes -
Full of dream, passion and fantasy.
As he was happy with his all,
As an angel who never whimpered on pains,

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And That Is...

What was the fault or what is now?
Why you are anxious or angry?
Ignorance or avoid, why these are for me?
How I hurt you or bother?
Where I missed you and where I lost?
Why the silence in the mid ocean?
For what, I am born thirsty in my own river?
Too many asking I have for the sky,
And too many answered I may deserve.

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