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201. The Ballad Of Father And Son 2 10/17/2017
202. A Day 10/18/2017
203. Corporate 10/19/2017
204. Shy 10/20/2017
205. Family Dinner 10/20/2017
206. Embarrased 10/20/2017
207. Enemy In The Trenches: Further Chornicles Of A Workplace 10/20/2017
208. Missing My Father 10/23/2017
209. Love For Fun 10/24/2017
210. Can't Live With You; Can't Live Without You 11/7/2017
211. Who Travels These Lonely Roads? 11/9/2017
212. Anger Upsided 11/12/2017
213. With The Rich 11/15/2017
214. He Is Jack Sparrow! 11/18/2017
215. House 11/18/2017
216. Fathers Speak 11/22/2017
217. Heartless 11/28/2017
218. Where The Lights Don't Mean Anything 10/25/2017
219. Propagate 10/27/2017
220. Lighthouse 10/27/2017
221. Empty Piece Of Memory 10/29/2017
222. Devil 10/29/2017
223. How Can I Tell You That I Love You (Father To Daughter) 11/5/2017
224. The Most Middle Aged Man 12/11/2017
225. Ironic 12/11/2017
226. Family Talks 12/12/2017
227. Bobo 12/31/2017
228. The Sea 1/15/2018
229. Conjectural Elements 1/24/2018
230. Numb 1/29/2018
231. Read (In Memory Of A Dear Brother) 1/30/2018
232. Evil-Doers 2/1/2018
233. The Doors Of Then, Now And Tomorrow 2/4/2018
234. As It Lay There Sleeping 2/6/2018
235. The Musk Of The Trip 2/16/2018
236. Eulogy 2/17/2018
237. Quiet 2/21/2018
238. Fathers At Night 3/6/2018
239. Chocolate 3/16/2018
240. Delete 3/19/2018

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A Tribute To My Aunt

I’ll allow myself to sleep
My aunt Samia is with her maker
The secrets that we keep
Will no longer ache her

I’ll love you forever
Like I loved you before
And I’ll never never
Find like your love anymore

Thank you is not enough
To do you justice
You took us through the tough
Times; you were tough bliss

Rest in the best place to be
Rest in the peace you bestowed
To those around you like me
You gave all of us the love you never owed

Sometime somewhere again we meet
I’ll know you I know I’ll know you
And that’s the way we’ll all...

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Mumbo Jumbo

Do you remember your old coat?
That you threw away one day
Only to find it years later after you thought
You'd never smile to see it anyway.

Remember an old friend you met
By accident while on were on your way to a conference
That's the place where you set
A smile if meeting anyone you know made sense.

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