Raj Dronamraju

Raj Dronamraju Poems

1. The Return Of The Magnificent Ninny 12/18/2010
2. Travels With The Anti-Johnny Appleseed 12/28/2015
3. She Made Love To A Train 12/28/2015
4. Solidarity With The Flesh Eating Mosaic 12/28/2015
5. The Fatal Flaws Of The Architect 12/28/2015
6. She Sang At The Post Office 12/28/2015
7. Evening Interruptus 12/28/2015
8. I'll Marry The Nurse 12/28/2015
9. God's Getting Tired 12/28/2015
10. The Sorrows Of The Rehabilitated Liar 12/29/2015
11. Til Death Do Us Part 12/29/2015
12. The Lookalikes 12/29/2015
13. The Business Of Living 12/29/2015
14. Joan Of Ark Killed By Drones 12/30/2015
15. The Controlled Poet's Experience 12/30/2015
16. I Found Jesus 12/30/2015
17. Catherine The Great And Me 12/30/2015
18. The Walking Tour 12/30/2015
19. Expert Swimmer 12/30/2015
20. Outside The Kids Lead Impure Lives 12/30/2015
21. From Intangible To Tangible - Love Becomes Real When We Speak Of It 12/30/2015
22. Heaven Or Legoland 12/30/2015
23. The Naked Symphonies 12/30/2015
24. The Gracious Between 12/30/2015
25. Romance Novel Left On A Bus 12/30/2015
26. The World Is Full Of The Mentally Retarded 12/30/2015
27. Houdini Escaping From An Awkward Situation 12/31/2015
28. Agents Of Deliberate Misery 1/2/2016
29. Michael's Somersault 1/2/2016
30. Cast-Off People 1/2/2016
31. The Tall Mentally Disabled Woman 1/2/2016
32. I Never Slept In America 1/2/2016
33. A Simultaneous Scheherazade 1/2/2016
34. Polite Mortality 1/2/2016
35. The Night Of The Coffinmaker 1/2/2016
36. A Confession Extracted From A Witch 1/2/2016
37. Boy Scout 1/2/2016
38. When Elizabeth Pretended To Sleep 1/2/2016
39. Ronald Reagan Wore Diapers 1/2/2016
40. The People Who Know Death 1/2/2016
Best Poem of Raj Dronamraju

Travels With The Anti-Johnny Appleseed

Against my will, I helped him plant the seeds of hatred
Stood back and watched as up sprung distrust, fear, class divisions, racial prejudice
Hid behind the cover of being a good taxpaying American
Slammed the book shut and went away thinking that was enough

Told a few jokes mocking gender, race, sexuality
Viewed this as harmless fun, bonding with what few friends I had
We were pollinating

Pollinating in the arms of eternity
Riding shotgun in the truck equipped with future crimes against humanity

Watching as he tills the bloody soil
Where not even one ...

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Maniacs In The Meantime

Tonight I feel fit enough to ask a few questions
They've always insulted you by describing you as having a lot to say
That's okay - we will not budge, we are maniacs in mirror laden otiosity

I'm alive and prejudiced against being alive
There is no longer the demand of goals
Only a pillow fight that lasts for hours
No thought of doing anything else

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