Raj Dronamraju

Raj Dronamraju Poems

561. A Blob In The San Fernando Valley 1/20/2018
562. Tripped While Carrying Scissors 1/20/2018
563. Girls In Wheelchairs 1/20/2018
564. Now It Just Sounds Like Sour Grapes 1/20/2018
565. Don't Blame The Tools, Blame The Carpenter 1/27/2018
566. The African Title 1/27/2018
567. Listicles And Pistols 1/31/2018
568. No Human Beings Were Harmed During The Making Of This Film 1/31/2018
569. The Load Off 1/31/2018
570. You've Never Seen Anything Like Two O'clock 1/31/2018
571. Do You Check Yourself? 1/31/2018
572. We Dressed Like Cowboys 1/31/2018
573. Have A Cup Of Hades 1/31/2018
574. Yucca Flats 1/31/2018
575. The Sport Too Late 1/31/2018
576. All My Friends Are A Prison 1/31/2018
577. We Began To View Purpose As A Lie 1/31/2018
578. Love's Demands And Conditions 1/31/2018
579. Excuses For War 1/31/2018
580. The Resentment Of Generation 1/31/2018
581. The Difference Between A Sea And An Ocean 2/24/2018
582. What They Liked Most About Me Was My Caution 2/24/2018
583. A Mad Idea's Birthplace 2/24/2018
584. Don't Overthink Me 2/24/2018
585. Pockets 2/24/2018
586. Night Watchman 2/24/2018
587. Suggestion And Movement 2/24/2018
588. She Doesn't Glow 2/24/2018
589. A Vision Of Love As A Brown-Eyed Threat 2/24/2018
590. Nothing Will Survive Us 2/24/2018
591. The Story Of A Bruise 2/24/2018
592. The Dr Watson Effect 2/24/2018
593. Equinox Go Round 2/24/2018
594. Shaky Boys For The 21st Century 2/24/2018
595. Stone To The World 2/24/2018
596. I Was Happy Today 2/24/2018
597. Busted-Up Prince 2/25/2018
598. Pustule Man Was The Last Phase Of Evolution 2/25/2018
599. The Photograph That Comes With The Frame 2/25/2018
600. I Will Always Choose The Highway 3/11/2018

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  • Ranjan Kumar Ghosh Ranjan Kumar Ghosh (9/16/2017 8:32:00 AM)

    very nice and lovely poem

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Best Poem of Raj Dronamraju

Travels With The Anti-Johnny Appleseed

Against my will, I helped him plant the seeds of hatred
Stood back and watched as up sprung distrust, fear, class divisions, racial prejudice
Hid behind the cover of being a good taxpaying American
Slammed the book shut and went away thinking that was enough

Told a few jokes mocking gender, race, sexuality
Viewed this as harmless fun, bonding with what few friends I had
We were pollinating

Pollinating in the arms of eternity
Riding shotgun in the truck equipped with future crimes against humanity

Watching as he tills the bloody soil
Where not even one ...

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I'll Marry The Nurse

The hand of friendship was offered
The hand of friendship was slapped away
The trajectory of the spurned

In a drugstore rant,
I see no future in a brief moment's temper
And I wonder how I'm going get through the next 20 or 30 years

When I'm old and sick and you leave me on my own

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