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rajagopal haran Poems

1. Routine 10/30/2007
2. Promotion 10/31/2007
3. Pressure Cooker-My Envy 11/18/2007
4. On The Banks Of Rainbow 12/4/2007
5. Tilling The Mind By Hiring Love 12/7/2007
6. To Be Adult Is To Be Alone 12/7/2007
7. Eunuchs’ Peril 12/8/2007
8. Enduring Day Dream 12/8/2007
9. Treading Into The Unknown 12/15/2007
10. On The Wings Of Serenity 12/16/2007
11. World Is Waiting For You 12/23/2007
12. Rising Above The Odds 12/30/2007
13. A New Love Story Of Bernadette 3/23/2008
14. Silly Penance 11/26/2007
15. Relativity In Search Of The Absolute 11/28/2007
16. 192.Tiresome Search For Solace 4/13/2008
17. 191.Wishing To Become A Monkey For Once 4/13/2008
18. 190.Dilating The Dynamics Of Love 4/15/2008
19. 189.From The Frontiers Of Love 4/16/2008
20. 188.Passionate Pangs 4/17/2008
21. 187.Shechinah Of The Husband 4/21/2008
22. 186.Dominion Of The Preceptor 4/28/2008
23. 185.Strolling Along The River Of Love 4/30/2008
24. 195.Tread Carefully Lest You Trample On My Dreams 4/12/2008
25. 183.Virtual Temptations 5/1/2008
26. 182.Ramana The Incomprehensible 5/3/2008
27. 177.On The Edges Of Ecotone 5/10/2008
28. 174.A Day With A Star 5/13/2008
29. 173.Hay Dream 5/15/2008
30. 171.Sharing The Common Bond 6/15/2008
31. 170.To Be What I Am-Overcoming My Fear To Be Brave 8/17/2008
32. 165.The Big Bang Reverberations 9/13/2008
33. 164.Iron Wood-Yours, Once Again 9/21/2008
34. 163.Down Memory Lane-Passport To Power 9/23/2008
35. 162.No Subject, No Message-Outside Providence 9/29/2008
36. 168.Me, Myself And I-Stratocumulus 8/27/2008
37. 167.Discovering The Lost World 8/30/2008
38. 159.Dismembered Chain Reaction 10/12/2008
39. 157.Mutation Of Memories 10/17/2008
40. 156.Synthetic Telepathy 10/18/2008
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Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species

(The scientific world is coming up with theories with strong points to disprove Darwin’s Beautiful theory; I have also done my Research based on my observations; Ask for the forgiveness of Darwin!)

Inheritance in organisms occurs through discrete traits!

Strolling on the street during the wee hours
Saw a girl in skimpy dress
Was she a Descent with modifications?
Opened the scriptures to note the dress codes!
Adam and Eve had no dress:
Leave alone code and bode
Forbidden apple creating the bias
Longer leaves formed the dress
Evolved into lengthy robes...

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I enter the office with lot of hope
Increments are due for the New Year ahead
Promotions for a gifted few
Lot of buzz from nook and corner

Day is gone with the hard core routine
Boss is busy making and breaking
Corrections to some and packages to some
Me waiting for the call to come

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