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81. 087.Limerence 10/1/2009
82. 086.Inheritance Of Loss 11/28/2009
83. 085.Living Impressions 12/26/2009
84. 084.Silence Is Not Always Golden 12/31/2009
85. 083.While Trying To Colour My Sky 12/31/2009
86. 082.Colourless Desires 1/15/2010
87. 081.Unknown Thoughts 6/19/2010
88. 080.End Of Darkness 6/20/2010
89. 079.Nothing Like Anything 6/26/2010
90. 078.Making A Skywalk 7/8/2010
91. 077.The Magic Of Now 8/1/2010
92. 076.Back To Basics 8/9/2010
93. 075.Merciful Conspiracy 8/10/2010
94. 074.The Earth God And A Mad Man 8/11/2010
95. 073.A Date With History 8/29/2010
96. Me_Almighty 10/28/2007
97. 111.Not A Man’s Folly 8/31/2009
98. Break Role-One Day Show 11/16/2007
99. Celebration Of A Bond 1/21/2012
100. In Pursuit Of A Puzzle 1/21/2012
101. Intimate Invocations 1/23/2012
102. Swaratikrama-Stepping Beyond Heaven 1/26/2012
103. 106.The Cupboard Of The Yesterdays 9/20/2009
104. 118.Kumaragurupara Swamigal’s Sakalakalavalli Maalai-Stanza 10-Concluding Part 8/31/2009
105. The Great Escape 12/29/2007
106. Dying Unwept, Unhonoured And Unsung 12/9/2007
107. 161.Sermon Of My Being 10/2/2008
108. 110.Beloved Fire—haiku Poem 9/1/2009
109. Life-The Monkey’s Way 11/16/2007
110. 121.Kumaragurupara Swamigal’s Sakalakalavalli Maalai-Stanza 7 8/29/2009
111. Global Thinking-A Frog’s Story 11/9/2007
112. 126.Kumaragurupara Swamigal’s Sakalakalavalli Maalai-Stanza 2 8/24/2009
113. 098.Kamalamba Navavarna Kritis By Shri Muthuswami Dikshitar 9/28/2009
114. Ode To A Genius 10/29/2007
115. 117.A Journey Unbound 8/25/2009
116. In Search Of My Achilles Heel 12/2/2007
117. 138.Heaven Next Door-Another Love Story 12/25/2008
118. 132.Amriteswari –my Lend And Spend 2/21/2009
119. 131.Footprints Of A Bird 3/13/2009
120. 158.Perpetual Uncertainty 10/17/2008

Comments about rajagopal haran

  • Chelsea Meigs (4/7/2008 7:40:00 PM)

    hey, i REALLY enjoyed reading this poem here of yours... i love the perspective...

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  • Arka Chattopadhyay (11/21/2007 6:52:00 AM)

    Emotional integrity at its best. 'A SPONTANEOUS OVERFLOW OF POWERFUL FEELINGS'...

  • Janua Catt Alonzo (11/21/2007 2:16:00 AM)

    thanks for reading some of my work.. ;) ..i just loved reading your poems too especially the bird in the mid sea...a very splendid master of art...have a blessed day ahead... ;)

    jan catty

  • Peter Jones (11/20/2007 10:05:00 AM)

    I have enjoyed reading your poetry. You have a love of creative English. When I first started to write, so many years ago, I was lucky enough to be given very good advice. It isn't enough just to have inspiration: you need to work hard at learning the actual craft of writing poetry.. to introduce your own 'music' to it.So I studied the forms and structures of different poets, so that I could 'paint my pictures' better. I think that, at present, you are putting down your thoughts like shopping lists. You obviously have so much more to give if you work hard at tying your lines together in a creative way. I predict that you will discover deeper satisfaction for yourself.. and to others... if only you will let yourself be more free.

    Very best wishes Peter

Best Poem of rajagopal haran

Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species

(The scientific world is coming up with theories with strong points to disprove Darwin’s Beautiful theory; I have also done my Research based on my observations; Ask for the forgiveness of Darwin!)

Inheritance in organisms occurs through discrete traits!

Strolling on the street during the wee hours
Saw a girl in skimpy dress
Was she a Descent with modifications?
Opened the scriptures to note the dress codes!
Adam and Eve had no dress:
Leave alone code and bode
Forbidden apple creating the bias
Longer leaves formed the dress
Evolved into lengthy robes...

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I enter the office with lot of hope
Increments are due for the New Year ahead
Promotions for a gifted few
Lot of buzz from nook and corner

Day is gone with the hard core routine
Boss is busy making and breaking
Corrections to some and packages to some
Me waiting for the call to come

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