Rajaram Ramachandran

Gold Star - 21,269 Points (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

Rajaram Ramachandran Poems

1401. (harichandran) 02 The Famous Kingdom 7/30/2008
1402. #(Buddha) 29 The Physician And His Children 9/23/2009
1403. ##07 (Vivekananda) Narendra's Early Life (Iii) 10/31/2009
1404. ##39 (Vivekananda) The Parliament Of Religion 12/3/2009
1405. #(Buddha) 32 Expecting Rewards 9/26/2009
1406. #(Buddha) 33 Oil Lamp Of The Poor 9/27/2009
1407. #(Buddha) 38 Ajatashatru Regrets 10/2/2009
1408. #(Buddha) 39 The Offerings 10/3/2009
1409. #(Buddha) 37 Buddha's Message To Devadatta 10/1/2009
1410. #(Buddha) 25 The Story Of Two Birds 9/19/2009
1411. #(Buddha) 24 Yashodhara's Grief 9/18/2009
1412. #(Buddha) 31 The Story Of Amrapali 9/25/2009
1413. (harichandran) 05 The King’s Wedding (Ii) 8/2/2008
1414. #(Buddha) 03 The King's Worry 8/28/2009
1415. #(Buddha) 30 Pataki, The Outcaste 9/24/2009
1416. A Day For The Lord 8/1/2003
1417. ##04 (Vivekananda) The Young Narendra 10/28/2009
1418. (harichandran) 04 The King's Wedding (I) 8/1/2008
1419. (harichandran) 03 The Famous Ayodhya 7/31/2008
1420. #26 (Thyagaraja) A Surprise Visit 8/16/2009
1421. A Bud Crushed Under The Foot 10/8/2005
1422. #(Buddha) 02 Gautama Buddha's Parents 8/27/2009
1423. A Cow Tells Its Story 9/1/2006
1424. Know The Game Of Life 1/13/2004
1425. ##01 (Vivekananda) The Birth Of Hinduism 10/25/2009
1426. (harichandran) 01 The Prayer Songs. 7/29/2008
1427. #(Buddha) 01 The Birth Of Gautama Buddha 8/26/2009
1428. Marriage's Made In Heaven 9/17/2003

Comments about Rajaram Ramachandran

  • Catastrophe King (8/11/2006 2:01:00 PM)

    Today, I have understood what poetry is!
    Today, I have read (Sir) Rajaram Ramachandran!

    Off the many gems in your poem-bank -
    Today, I chanced to view a couple of your odes.

    The talent is truly amazing. Your writings are truly mesmerizing. They are educative to the students of the language and they are effective for the causes of the society. Whatever I may write here - though I would like to write a lot - however much I write........ It shall not be enough for the praise of your artistry. You deserve more than anything written here...... I salute you!

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  • Sriranjani Mohan (3/18/2005 12:39:00 AM)

    Rajaram Ramachandran writes poems with simple words and shorter lines, finishing with a message at the end of each poem. His poetry appeals to even the students from the middle school. He tells stories to children thro' his poetries. His poems talk about variety of subjects like ethics, philosophy, nature, love, jokes, life history of prominent people, etc. He breaks sentences in such a way that one can easily capture the idea behind each and every stanza, what he wants to say to the people of all walks of life. His 'Ramayana' in particular is a master piece, which every reader would admire for its simplicity and meaningful. His compilation of 'A Boquet of Oriental Poems' contains several Eastern thoughts and practices, mainly meant for the Western world to know more about the Indians way of life. He is one of the modern poets, whose prose poems have reached the nook and corners of the poetry world. Wish him all the success he richly deserves in this field.

  • Dr John Celes (2/22/2005 8:06:00 AM)

    'RAMAYANA' in simple poems has been well-written and applauded by a number of great Indian minds.In spiritual poetry, the message is more important than the structure and finer aspects of a literary value.Shri Rajaram Ramachandran has done a splendid job in this direction. Truly, it needed a Raja Ram to versify the story of Bhagwan RAM, a glorious epic, in a simplistic, endearing way.May Lord RAM shower His blessings on poet Rajaram as a token of his love for his great rendition.

  • Krishnakumar Sankaran (11/16/2004 8:06:00 AM)

    I have read only 4 of your poems, and I already don't feel like reading any more. Forced rhymes, unnecessary line breaks, mediocre verse. What's the point of writing more than a 100 poems if you continue making the same mistakes over and over again?

  • Dr John Celes (5/6/2004 12:36:00 AM)

    'Uncle' RAJARAM R. is the first major, living Indian Poet whom I met by serendipity at the website: www.poemhunter.com.Doubtlessly, he has written more than a hundred wonderful poems with morals and good messages with a religious tenor- maintaining brevity and remaining simplistic throughout- so that they are readable by the average reader of poetry! The Poet has endeavoured to read a lot in depth before selecting the best themes that are most useful to every man. His poems show his greatness and his love of God and his love for all religions and men alike.The best quality I liked in him was his immense condescension at his elderly age of more than seventy when he made a trip to my place to see me and personally congratulate me on my poetic achievements.This is an act of unusual greatness that I simply adore in him. May his poems live for centuries in the coming generations and may readers find solace and the love of God through Shri Rajaram's Poetry forever. God bless him with many more active years! This are my humble comments - Dr John Celes (India) Physician Poet

Best Poem of Rajaram Ramachandran

Marriage's Made In Heaven

To make a glass cup
It takes few minutes,
But to break it up,
It takes split seconds.

We smell the rose
Not by crushing it,
But thro' the nose,
By handling it soft.

The baby with care
Her mother fondles
As she wants to share
Her love with kisses.

Likewise, a marriage
That's made in Heaven,
Confirms a life bondage
Between man and woman.

Marriage's a sacred institution,
A bachelor wants to get in
But feeling it a great burden,
Thereafter, out he wants to run.

The wife's like a rose
The husband should ...

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Double Life

'Where I want to say 'yes'
I am forced to say 'No.'
Where I want to say 'No, '
I am compelled to say 'Yes.'

It's a kind of dual personality,
Or call it, a split personality,
And from this, none is born free,
Even if one's wish, so not to be.

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