Rajat Joshi

Rookie (6th November 1995 / siliguri)

Biography of Rajat Joshi

I am just a teenager with WILD notions and a BIT creative mind. Football is my favorite sport and will be the same forever. I LOVE books. I can stay buried in them for days together.
I am an amateur poet. I mostly write poems on the topics which I've experienced something. It can be a funny incident or a philosophical thought.
These mentioned above are my + points... well on the negative side, I'm a very very lazy person! So lazy that once, one of my teacher commented on me, ' Rajat, has the potential to do everything but he does absolutely nothing! '. that is the first thing that strikes my mind whenever I am unable to do anything, I start feeling lazy instantly! LoLzZz..
Hmm.. I love everything around me. My parents, friends, the morning sun, the lovely breeze, my beautiful friend and everything pleasant around me. I'm a very ambitious person. And I'm trying to concentrate on my pursuit. BuT! ! I cannot sacrifice my teenage life for that. So I have to balance everything properly. I am given complete freedom form my parents to make my own decisions though they prefer me to consult them once..: -P.
Life is lovely, with you my dear friend, reading my bio till the end. Well thank you for reading this cRaZyY boy's bio. I stole your 1 whole minute in this. Now lets end it up. For more details, contact me. I've got loads more to tell..! Byeee... ^_^...! ! ! ! ! ! !

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A Cute Child!

Fearless they are from their future,
With whimsical desires for their destiny,
Has a sweet face and innocent eyes,
Puts a cute smile, the lovely child.

Asks solutions for his questions,
Inquisitive they are, so imaginary and puzzling,
Makes the elders perplexed at their wonder,
Asking just and only just!

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