Rajendran Muthiah

Gold Star - 11,681 Points (16.03.1950)

Rajendran Muthiah Poems

441. Agriculture By St. Thiruvalluvar 8/18/2015
442. Abnormal Nature 8/18/2015
443. Abstaining From Liquor By St. Thiruvalluvar 8/18/2015
444. Ungrateful Wealth 8/21/2015
445. Unbearable Pangs Of Separation 8/21/2015
446. Honour By St. Thiruvalluvar 8/22/2015
447. Baseness By St. Thiruvalluvar 8/24/2015
448. Appraisal Of An Enemy's Power (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 8/25/2015
449. Not Coveting Another Man's Wife 8/26/2015
450. Listening (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 8/28/2015
451. Not Back-Biting (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 8/28/2015
452. Lament At Heart (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 8/28/2015
453. Decaying Desire In Eyes (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/27/2015
454. Power In Action (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/27/2015
455. Wanton Women (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/27/2015
456. The Possession Of Patience (St.Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/28/2015
457. Charity (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/29/2015
458. Amending Faults (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/30/2015
459. Medicine (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/1/2015
460. Aware Of Strength (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/2/2015
461. The Possession Of Benevolence (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/2/2015
462. Employ After Try-Out (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/4/2015
463. Manly Effort (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 10/5/2015
464. Knowing The Indications (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/6/2015
465. Pouting In Anger (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/7/2015
466. Poverty (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/8/2015
467. The Right To Dissent 10/9/2015
468. The Praise Of Her Beauty (St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/9/2015
469. False Friendship 10/10/2015
470. Useless Talk (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 10/11/2015
471. Not Being Angry (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/11/2015
472. Eminence (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/12/2015
473. Submission To Wife's Commands (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/13/2015
474. Decaying Limbs 10/14/2015
475. Abstinence From Eating Meat (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/16/2015
476. The Greatness Of A King (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 10/16/2015
477. Cruel Governance (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/17/2015
478. Telling The Dreamy State (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 10/17/2015
479. On Raising The Family(St.Thiruvalluvar) 10/18/2015
480. On Renunciation (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/18/2015
Best Poem of Rajendran Muthiah

A Corrupt Politician Committed Suicide

When the corrupt politician
was shut behind the bars,
he roared in anger in a language
couched in figures and metaphors:
" From the cremains of my body,
one thousand of me will be erupting
to serve the cause of the people".

When this one robber single-handedly
looted the coffers of the State
and got graft for the jobs given to the poor,
the people reel in poverty
and the youths die untimely.
"How could this nation face
one thousand of his incarnates? "
This question made one of his followers
sleepless, and in a ...

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Lessons Of Life

If you have to win your maiden love

you won’t then face bitter things.
The caste feuds and communal tiff
make your being whole.

Thousands of men we meet.
Each one has his own tale.
Every tale has ups and downs

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