Rajendran Muthiah

Gold Star - 14,957 Points (16.03.1950)

Rajendran Muthiah Poems

481. Unbefitting Conduct (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/21/2015
482. The Extirpation Of Desire (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/21/2015
483. Illiteracy (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/21/2015
484. The Glory Of Enmity (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/22/2015
485. The Valour Of The Army (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/22/2015
486. The Solitary Anguish (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/22/2015
487. The Dread Of Mendicancy (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/22/2015
488. Enmity Within (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/23/2015
489. To Contrive Spies (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/24/2015
490. Fearlessness In The Council (By St.Thiruvalluvar) 10/24/2015
491. Talking About Rumours (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/25/2015
492. Seeking The Friendship Of The Wise (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/25/2015
493. The Method Of Acting (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/26/2015
494. To Scrutinise Friendship (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/26/2015
495. Shut Me In Her Heart 10/28/2015
496. Sympathy To Poor 10/28/2015
497. Cherishing The Kin (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/28/2015
498. To Slim And Sink Being Love-Sick (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/28/2015
499. To Instruct By Signs (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/29/2015
500. Comporting In Royal Presence (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/30/2015
501. Losing Reticence (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/30/2015
502. Surrender Of An Award 10/30/2015
503. My Wandering Minstrel 10/30/2015
504. At Doddabetta Peak! 10/30/2015
505. The Distress Of Spreading Sallow Hue(By St. Thiruvalluvar) 8/30/2015
506. Diplomacy (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/1/2015
507. Amiability (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/2/2015
508. Unforgetfulness (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/3/2015
509. Be Martyred Your Love 9/3/2015
510. Knowing The Time To Act (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/4/2015
511. Not Offending The Great 9/5/2015
512. Soliloquy (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/6/2015
513. The Greatness Of The Armed Forces (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/6/2015
514. Perfection (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/7/2015
515. On Begging (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/7/2015
516. Antipathy (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/8/2015
517. Lamenting At The Eventide (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/8/2015
518. Ignorance (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/9/2015
519. Transcience (By St. Thiruvalluvar In Tamil) 9/10/2015
520. Assertion Of The Strength Of Virtue (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/11/2015

Comments about Rajendran Muthiah

  • Dr Dillip K Swain Dr Dillip K Swain (11/13/2017 3:38:00 AM)

    Rajendran Muthiah is a highly talented modern Indian poet in English. I have read many of his poems published in PH. He writes on different facets of life and burning social issues in clear, concise and lucid manner. Each of his poems carries a message to the society. His significant contribution to the field of literature is noteworthy and commendable!

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  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (3/18/2012 6:55:00 AM)

    THIS poet is highly educated and tremendously experienced which reflects in his poems, he is a gifted man and knows how to craft his work, his poems deals with everything from social concern to abstract ideas, he is very co-operative and helpful too, i wish him a grand success in the field of poetry.

  • Jessie Jett (3/1/2012 12:25:00 AM)

    You have a lot of good poems. I agree with others, on your opinionated responses'. Good reading =)

  • Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi (2/18/2012 11:15:00 PM)

    Mr. Rajendran Muthiah was the first poet, who commented about me at first. Thank you sir. After going through his poems, I have understood that he has great interest on problems of the societies and the nation..

  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (1/16/2012 2:42:00 AM)

    Sir, I feel very younger to comment on your poem. But I like your poems too much.I like to request you to kindly go through my poems. with regards.
    ramesh rai, rkrai100@gmail.com

Best Poem of Rajendran Muthiah

A Corrupt Politician Committed Suicide

When the corrupt politician
was shut behind the bars,
he roared in anger in a language
couched in figures and metaphors:
" From the cremains of my body,
one thousand of me will be erupting
to serve the cause of the people".

When this one robber single-handedly
looted the coffers of the State
and got graft for the jobs given to the poor,
the people reel in poverty
and the youths die untimely.
"How could this nation face
one thousand of his incarnates? "
This question made one of his followers
sleepless, and in a ...

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Virtue Alone Gone!

Her maiden love burst
and dried up by the Cell Phone.
Just her virtue gone!

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