Rajendran Muthiah

Gold Star - 13,208 Points (16.03.1950)

Rajendran Muthiah Poems

81. Hasty Desire For Reunion (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/24/2015
82. Autopsy For A Squirrel 9/24/2015
83. Come Rain Or Shine, Carry On Your Loot. 9/24/2015
84. The Crows Have No Fears! 9/24/2015
85. Bring Water To Say Bye To Heat. 9/26/2015
86. Can You Dig The Rain In Mines? 9/26/2015
87. Just Governance (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 9/26/2015
88. Knowing The Place (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/30/2015
89. Manufactured Silent Rebellions 10/31/2015
90. Knowing The Way Of Doing (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/31/2015
91. Not Being Indolent (By St. Thiruvalluvar) 10/31/2015
92. Sepulchre At Heart 3/5/2016
93. Be Sportive, Please! 4/2/2016
94. How The King Is, So His Land! 4/2/2016
95. A Raconteur's Buried Past 4/10/2016
96. My Lovely Dame 5/27/2016
97. My Peerless Parakeet! 5/28/2016
98. Unblown Blossoms 5/28/2016
99. Lines Dedicated To A Marbled Queen 6/2/2016
100. Proverbs Four Hundred(Classical Tamil Poetry) 6/11/2016
101. My White Dove 6/11/2016
102. The Trilling Bird! 6/24/2016
103. Champion Dance Of West Indian Cricketers After World T20 6/24/2016
104. A Better Shore To Embrace! 7/11/2016
105. Bequeath Your Bequest 7/15/2016
106. Solace In The Serene Hills! 7/19/2016
107. It Is An Urge Or Heavenly Surge! 7/19/2016
108. Pests And Guests 11/11/2015
109. Guns In Passenger Trains 11/11/2015
110. Song Of Jasmine (By Napoothanar In Tamil) 11/12/2015
111. Song Of The Jasmine (Lines 7- 11) 11/13/2015
112. Unprecedented Downpour In The City 11/22/2015
113. Worship God For All 11/23/2015
114. The Rulers Of India And The States 11/25/2015
115. Life Is A Joy Ride 12/10/2015
116. Fllods And Corruption 2/6/2016
117. My Rejuvenating Hajbira! 2/9/2016
118. The Hot Sun 11/6/2015
119. Don't Wail You Guileless Heart! 11/6/2015
120. Mistaught Youth 11/6/2015
Best Poem of Rajendran Muthiah

A Corrupt Politician Committed Suicide

When the corrupt politician
was shut behind the bars,
he roared in anger in a language
couched in figures and metaphors:
" From the cremains of my body,
one thousand of me will be erupting
to serve the cause of the people".

When this one robber single-handedly
looted the coffers of the State
and got graft for the jobs given to the poor,
the people reel in poverty
and the youths die untimely.
"How could this nation face
one thousand of his incarnates? "
This question made one of his followers
sleepless, and in a ...

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Can Time Erode Love?

As she nodded to the intruders
in the castle of her heart,
he exiled himself to a place
unknown and unseen by her
and adopted a monastic life.
Can Time erode his love on her?

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