Rajendran Muthiah

Gold Star - 13,208 Points (16.03.1950)

Rajendran Muthiah Poems

1041. Where Are The Thunder And Lightning? 10/1/2012
1042. The Ramparts Of The Rodents 8/31/2012
1043. Immolations Of Monks In Tibet 11/19/2012
1044. Sink Into The Sea! 9/1/2012
1045. Taming Of Wild Bulls 2/4/2013
1046. The Break Of Dawn 6/1/2013
1047. A Dumb Cuckoo! 2/15/2012
1048. My Sparkling Eyes! 2/13/2012
1049. Shake Narrow Preachings Off 4/11/2012
1050. Do It Again And Again 4/8/2012
1051. Persons Of Wonder To Posterity 4/22/2012
1052. Who Am I? 3/27/2012
1053. No More Tears To Shed! 7/1/2012
1054. Lead The Jungle Dwellers To Light. 7/14/2012
1055. Be Not Narrow In Mind And Deed 6/27/2012
1056. The Fall Of An M.B.B.S. To An Eighth Class-Rogue. 6/7/2012
1057. A Sensual Voice 6/9/2012
1058. A Lost Soul 1/15/2012
1059. Mother Penchallamma 1/14/2012
1060. Beggarliness 2/2/2012
1061. A Hick Picked Up By A Pig 2/10/2012
1062. A Call To The Gods Of All Faiths 2/5/2012
1063. Demonetization In India 12/10/2016
1064. Nihilists And Naturists 2/16/2012
1065. Single Dad And Single Mum 7/30/2012
1066. Beauty Of The Hills 8/2/2012
1067. Two Corrupt Leaders Seize Power In Turn 7/23/2012
1068. I Never Ever Miss You, Dear! 6/6/2012
1069. What To Say? 4/14/2012
1070. The Geography Teacher 6/28/2012
1071. The Merciful Hand Of America 3/16/2012
1072. Descend To India, All Of You! 8/22/2013
1073. God Particle 7/9/2012
1074. Keeps Affecting Me Deep! 2/28/2012
1075. A Great Fall In A Dream 3/21/2012
1076. A Bird Sanctuary (Vedanthangal-Tamilnadu, India) 1/23/2012
1077. Racial Abuse 8/10/2012
1078. A Corrupt Politician Committed Suicide 2/14/2012
Best Poem of Rajendran Muthiah

A Corrupt Politician Committed Suicide

When the corrupt politician
was shut behind the bars,
he roared in anger in a language
couched in figures and metaphors:
" From the cremains of my body,
one thousand of me will be erupting
to serve the cause of the people".

When this one robber single-handedly
looted the coffers of the State
and got graft for the jobs given to the poor,
the people reel in poverty
and the youths die untimely.
"How could this nation face
one thousand of his incarnates? "
This question made one of his followers
sleepless, and in a ...

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Can Time Erode Love?

As she nodded to the intruders
in the castle of her heart,
he exiled himself to a place
unknown and unseen by her
and adopted a monastic life.
Can Time erode his love on her?

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