Rajesh Kumar

Rookie (Hyderabad, India)

Biography of Rajesh Kumar

Some day, when the wheels of destiny starts creaking around me, and the groans are heard to surviving few, I might ask myself If I have lived a good life.

Until such time, I live with no regrets. If life were a trade, and me a trading partner, let it be recorded that my partner has not discounted me. In this world I inherited, I stand in profit.

Guiding Force

People often ask me whether I have a burning ambition that drives me or an aim that guides me. The answer is no. There is no one aim or ambition that when achieved, would give me my absolution. I love life, I love living life and I work towards keeping it simple and uncluttered. I love everything I have done, I like to live life through its simple everyday offerings.

I agree, I am a little different. However, we all are. In my case, its visible. I guess I like it that way.

Rajesh Kumar's Works:

None, most of my works are online:
http: //sites.google.com/site/worthonelifetime/

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One Meandering Life

I know how it began, we all know where it ends.

Between this beginning and its end survives;
One meandering life.

Seasons come and go,
Relationships bloom and burst,
The Constant Gardner is ever at work.
Seeding flowers, planting trees,

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