Rajmoi Phukan Biography

Rajmoi hails from Jorhat, Assam, India. Graduating as an engineer, Rajmoi launched himself to an endless quest of poetry and now there's no looking back.

Rajmoi is a young and ebullient poet, who has his own vision to see the surrounding. What differentiates Rajmoi as a poet is the way he developed poetry inside him. How do poets write poems? They read the poems penned by their contemporaries and they analyse how they are comparable with the poems written by those from the echelon class. Rajmoi, on the other hand developed the skill of poetry on his own, it's like Buddha sitting under the tree and transcending himself to Nirvana. Rajmoi, is still in search of that tree where he would be seated and explore what's unseen by average human eyes. Why Rajmoi is appreciable as a poet because he has a vision and most of the times he's not afraid what his inks might produce. He had his fair share of experiences from the world and from the society and as a youth, he hurls his disgust to all of them by his words. But it's unfair to call him a person who will always spill vitriols about people and society. As we said, Rajmoi has a pair of eyes that propagates thoughts to his mind and sooner or later they will be concised in some poem. One day, you will find him loitering around a mountain and tasting the magnanimous snows in his poems. One day, you will find him offering a moist kiss on the bosom of his beloved girl in his poem. He keeps travelling and his thoughts refuse to bow down to boundaries.

Rajmoi has eons to write and question everything in the world through his poems. Sometimes, it is good if the questions are answered by nothing except silence. That's your duty, as a reader to answer his questions with your silence, introspection and revision.

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