Rajmoi Phukan Poems

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I Write Like A Guitar

Do I know to play the guitar?
No sir, no sir, I do not,
But I don't think that as a scar
'Cause I play the chords of the thought.

Like A Piano

Like the soothing sound of the piano
Music grows in me,
But I don't intend to play it though
For I play poetry.

A Sonnet For You

I've seen the world, through your eyes
And my soul cries because of your lies.
But it matters not, for the world to see
How much you mean to me.

Spring Was Gone, And Winter Came

Oh love, you act like you care for me not
But one day, you will be devoured by the thought:
That, like the cherry blossoms in winter
The leaves of my skin, will fade away like litter.

A Snowy Knight Clad In White

This town was clad in snow, as I came in a car.
Amidst the mountains, amidst the snow
There I lie: barren, among the lads though.
But this journey was peaceful- by so far.

I Write For You In This Night

In this night of star gazing
I see no star.
For in a star, I see myself living
A life from here, afar.

A Rhyme Of A Bloody Verse

For her, I write in blood, and rhyme this verse
In this madhouse of a city, in a drunken farce.
Her beautiful eyes, her lustful smile
Is what I wish to see in this lifetime, for a while.

A Black Bird Flying

Far across the land I lay,
I see a black bird, flying in the sky.
Distant to the moon, 'cause its neither night or day,
The bird keeps flying, as the horses feed on the hay.

Ballad Of The Heart

I write this ballad
with rage in my heart,
for you— you're the lantern of my heart.

The Lady Who Sings Fire

This world that I walk through— is fire,
Where man lives in land, which became mire.
But in this world, lives a lady
Who makes the land full of gold, and me full of desire.

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