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  • ''There are times when the pain becomes a torture for a man. But the phoenix is always supposed to rise from the ashes. So let us not be bogged down by depression but we must confront the adversities slowly but firmly.''
    How to face the adversities?
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  • ''Aakash ko chhoo lena aasan hai par dharti par tike rahna aur apna santulan kaayam rakhna mushkil hai.

    आकाश को छू लेना आसान है पर धरती पर टिके रहना और अपना संतुलन कायम रखना मुश्किल है.

    It is easier to touch sky than being able to stay grounded and to maintain our balance.''
    Aakash ko chhoo lena
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Democracy Demands

Bhagwant Mann and Derek O'Brian
Are sitting Members of Parliament-
One in Lok Sabha, one in Rajya Sabha
Both of them are in politics now
I've seen them in their old avatars
As a Punjabi comic and a Quiz Master
We have seen a transition of roles
Likewise engineers, pilots, bankers
Lawyers, doctors and professors,