Rajnish Manga Quotes

01 January 2015

There are times when the pain becomes a torture for a man. But the phoenix is always supposed to rise from the ashes. So let us not be bogged down by depression but we must confront the adversities slowly but firmly.

08 January 2018

Aakash ko chhoo lena aasan hai par dharti par tike rahna aur apna santulan kaayam rakhna mushkil hai. आकाश को छू लेना आसान है पर धरती पर टिके रहना और अपना संतुलन कायम रखना मुश्किल है. It is easier to touch sky than being able to stay grounded and to maintain our balance.

26 January 2022

The tongue weighs practically nothing but so few people can hold it. (Read it recently)

26 January 2022

Each one of us has his own Bank of Memories. By adding steadily to your account, you will soon have lots of goodness to withdraw from and, as a bonus, the interest will cheer the passing years. (Recently read by me)

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