Raksha Bhat

Raksha Bhat Poems

1. Hope To Live 3/26/2011
2. Wishes Wild 3/26/2011
3. Echoes From A Flight 3/26/2011
4. A New Leaf 3/26/2011
5. Blush In Blaze 3/26/2011
6. Cherry Blossoms 3/26/2011
7. Indigo Dreams 3/26/2011
8. A Flight Of Light 3/26/2011
9. Forever Free 3/26/2011
10. The Enchanted Wanderer 3/26/2011
11. Paper And Ink 3/26/2011
12. Ride Back My Way 3/26/2011
13. Not Just Lonely But Alone 3/26/2011
14. A Moment Called Life 3/26/2011
15. Peek-A-Boo! 3/26/2011
16. Open Sesame! 3/26/2011
17. On A Canary Day 3/26/2011
18. The Wild Piper 3/26/2011
19. A Nouveau Page 3/26/2011
20. Zero Gravity 3/26/2011
21. Prised Penury-To Have Loved And Lost 3/25/2011
22. The Cup, Please! 3/25/2011
23. To Man-The Eater 3/26/2011
24. Sepia 3/26/2011
25. I Open At The Close-Snitch 3/26/2011
26. Out Of Blue 3/26/2011
27. Sharing Is A Bliss 4/11/2011
28. A Canary's Song 3/26/2011
29. Roots And Wings 3/26/2011

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Roots And Wings

In the forest and frost drifting through many empty miles
Over thunder skies with a parched throat and filled eyes
O’ little ones to fill your hunger for food set on a search
We better earn a bit before can return home and perch

On barren soils, in naked streams under a scorching sun
Of berries, insects, flies, grains and seeds we found none
Fates ill like our frail nest trembles in the thinness of air
Hope wails in vapour when our hearts cry in all despair

Fight we shall to bring you up against a grave evil wrath
In a world great where no soul lends a thing ...

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Where is the town?

Where trees stand grand and green and bow their heads not,
Where beans are cooked and not roasted under the sun hot
Where rain is not a thunderstorm, but God's blessing a drizzle,
Where Adams on the roads do not tease the Eves and whistle.

Where is the town?

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