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Ram Krishna Singh poet

Brought up and educated in Varanasi, India I was, till recently, a university professor teaching English language skills to students of earth and mineral sciences. I have authored over 160 research articles and 170 book reviews in journals in all over the world.
I have been writing poems in English for over four decades and am widely anthologised and published in various journals and ezines.
New Indian English Poetry: An Alternative Voice: R.K.Singh (ed: I.K. Sharma,2004) and R.K.Singh’s Mind and Art: A Symphony of Expressions (ed: Rajni Singh,2011) are two comprehensive critical presentations of my creativity since the 1970s.
My latest books of poetry include Sense and Silence: Collected poems (2010) , New and Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku (2012) , I Am No Jesus and other selected poems: Tanka and haiku (2014) , You Can't Scent Me and Other Selected Poems (2016) , and God Too Awaits Light (2017) . Writing Editing Publishing: A Memoir (2016) celebrates my contact with academics, poets, editors and others who shared my concerns.
I am married and have two children, one son and one daughter.
I am now live at Vastu Vihar Colony, Kawa bandh, N.H.2, Govindpur, Dhanbad 826008

Ram Krishna Singh's Works:

Have published 42 books, including Savitri: A Spiritual Epic (1984) , Sound and Silence (1986) , Indian English Writing: 1981-1985: Experiments with Expression (1987, rept 1991) , Using English in Science and Technology (1988, rept 2000) , Recent Indian English Poets: Expressions and Beliefs (1992) , Anger in Action: Explorations of Anger in Indian Writing in English (1997) , My Silence and Other Selected Poems: 1974-1994 (1996) , Above the Earth's Green (1997) , Psychic Knot: Search for Tolerance in Indian English Fiction (1998) , New Zealand Literature: Some Recent Trends (1998) , Every Stone Drop Pebble (jointly with Catherine Mair and Patricia Prime,1999) , Cover to Cover (jointly with U.S. Bahri,2002) , Pacem in Terris (jointly with Myriam Pierri and Giovanni Campisi,2003) , Communication in English: Grammar and Composition (2004) , Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: Essays in Love, Life and Death (2005) , Teaching English for Specific Purposes: An Evolving Experience (2005) , The River Returns (2006) , Voices of the Present: Critical Essays on Some Indian English Poets (2006) , English as a Second Language: Experience into Essays (2007) , English Language Teaching: Some Aspects Recollected (2008) , Sexless Solitude and Other Poems (2009) , and New and Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku (2012) .

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Growing Consciousness

An undressed woman
is a form to lay bare
the vulnerable
in myriad colours:
live, sensuous, delicious
like true sex exposing
naked truths through body
peep into ever
growing consciousness