Ram Krishna Singh

Freshman - 835 Points [R.K.Singh] (31 December 1950 / Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Biography of Ram Krishna Singh

Ram Krishna Singh poet

Brought up and educated in Varanasi, India I was, till recently, a university professor teaching English language skills to students of earth and mineral sciences. I have authored over 160 research articles and 170 book reviews in journals in all over the world.
I have been writing poems in English for over four decades and am widely anthologised and published in various journals and ezines.
New Indian English Poetry: An Alternative Voice: R.K.Singh (ed: I.K. Sharma,2004) and R.K.Singh’s Mind and Art: A Symphony of Expressions (ed: Rajni Singh,2011) are two comprehensive critical presentations of my creativity since the 1970s.
My latest books of poetry include Sense and Silence: Collected poems (2010) , New and Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku (2012) , I Am No Jesus and other selected poems: Tanka and haiku (2014) , You Can't Scent Me and Other Selected Poems (2016) , and God Too Awaits Light (2017) . Writing Editing Publishing: A Memoir (2016) celebrates my contact with academics, poets, editors and others who shared my concerns.
I am married and have two children, one son and one daughter.
I am now live at Vastu Vihar Colony, Kawa bandh, N.H.2, Govindpur, Dhanbad 826008

Ram Krishna Singh's Works:

Have published 42 books, including Savitri: A Spiritual Epic (1984) , Sound and Silence (1986) , Indian English Writing: 1981-1985: Experiments with Expression (1987, rept 1991) , Using English in Science and Technology (1988, rept 2000) , Recent Indian English Poets: Expressions and Beliefs (1992) , Anger in Action: Explorations of Anger in Indian Writing in English (1997) , My Silence and Other Selected Poems: 1974-1994 (1996) , Above the Earth's Green (1997) , Psychic Knot: Search for Tolerance in Indian English Fiction (1998) , New Zealand Literature: Some Recent Trends (1998) , Every Stone Drop Pebble (jointly with Catherine Mair and Patricia Prime,1999) , Cover to Cover (jointly with U.S. Bahri,2002) , Pacem in Terris (jointly with Myriam Pierri and Giovanni Campisi,2003) , Communication in English: Grammar and Composition (2004) , Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: Essays in Love, Life and Death (2005) , Teaching English for Specific Purposes: An Evolving Experience (2005) , The River Returns (2006) , Voices of the Present: Critical Essays on Some Indian English Poets (2006) , English as a Second Language: Experience into Essays (2007) , English Language Teaching: Some Aspects Recollected (2008) , Sexless Solitude and Other Poems (2009) , and New and Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku (2012) .

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Born, Married And Dead?

What is this life
like the sun rising and dying
someone beginning and someone stopping
without presence being felt
without effect, striking, ending
long rituals of waste?

nothing saved except
years squandered in bed

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