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161. Happiness Is...That Friend 10/13/2013
162. Love Is Like That! 10/17/2013
163. You Are The Only Dear And Near To Yourself! 10/17/2013
164. Auspicious Is That Moment! 10/17/2013
165. Voices From Hell Cause Sound Pollution In My Heaven 10/21/2013
166. How Nice It Will Be! 10/22/2013
167. Low Differences Lead To Silence 10/22/2013
168. For Taste We Pay 10/23/2013
169. Luring Us Is Mind Impure 10/25/2013
170. I Am Safe With Mad Ones Like Me! 10/26/2013
171. All Are Mine, All Is Mine 10/30/2013
172. When I Needed An Asylum, Found Myself On Earth! 10/30/2013
173. What I Doubt About, Proves Itself! 10/11/2013
174. I Know I Am Nothing! 11/2/2013
175. No One Can Serve Two Bosses 11/2/2013
176. Lighter Will Be Light Filled Heart! 11/2/2013
177. Wish Of A Soul Is Wish Of Nature I 9/11/2012
178. Without Humbleness How Can Am I Near What I Am? 9/12/2012
179. We Are Not Separate, We Are Connected! 9/13/2012
180. My World Is Beautiful! 9/13/2012
181. Tick Tick Tick....! 9/14/2012
182. When Heart Accept Another, No Bridge Required On River Of Life! 9/14/2012
183. Forgiveness! 9/17/2012
184. Why Can'T I Rest As Witness? 9/17/2012
185. Believe Me I Am Not Crying! 9/18/2012
186. Here Only Image Plays Like Puppet! 11/13/2012
187. Purity Of Soul! 12/3/2012
188. Not With Swords, But With Loving Heart! 12/3/2012
189. Whenever Evolution Stops Revolution Becomes A Necessasity 12/8/2012
190. The Best Is Yet To Come, Body When Grows Old! 12/10/2012
191. Paths To Heavenly Lands Are Through Deserts. 2/21/2013
192. Ambition Of A Flower. 7/5/2013
193. Betterhalf? 7/23/2013
194. Dreamers.... Dream Walkers! 7/25/2013
195. Now Humanity Stands Before Own Grave! 7/25/2013
196. Soul Or Souls? 11/3/2013
197. Misery 11/6/2013
198. Stronger I Can Be 11/8/2013
199. Those Who Are Not Awake 1/30/2014
200. Flow Of Love 1/31/2014

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Dance, Dance Everywhere!

Dance, Dance Dance
When I look at the sky,
I see the clouds dance
Into steps of winds
My heart dance when I watch clouds dance!
How it can make me dance?

Without any tune or beats,
Its own beats me my heart dance.
Some strange tune it sings in silence and dance!

When I see at shore of ocean waves that dance,
Some birds in sky fly and dance,
On the waves boats that to the tune of waves, dance,

My mind sing lyricless
music to which it dance!

When I walk along the beach,
The headless crown of palm trees ...

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Life, Where Is Life!

Life is always light
for some
Life is always fight
for some,
Life is full of light
For some
Life is without light for some,
Life is search for light,

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