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201. Many Things I Could Never Be Able To Tell You 1/31/2014
202. Where Am I? Where I Am? 2/3/2014
203. This World Is Mad.. 2/4/2014
204. To Look From Where I Look Out 2/4/2014
205. Curiosity And Interests.. 2/4/2014
206. Love Is God And God Is Love! ! ! 2/4/2014
207. I Wonder... 2/5/2014
208. Nature 2/5/2014
209. That's All 2/5/2014
210. To My Soul Mate 2/6/2014
211. Still I Struggle With This Ramdas.. To Know His Origin.. 2/14/2014
212. In Desert Hopes And Mirage Kills One Easily 2/20/2014
213. I Am Not A Sinner.. 2/20/2014
214. O, Swethakethu. Thou Art That... 2/28/2014
215. Like Dog Trying To See Own Tail 11/13/2013
216. Looking Through Your Eyes..... 11/13/2013
217. Not Here To Set Standards 11/14/2013
218. Sour Feelings Sore My Wings, Never Allow Me To Soar High 12/24/2013
219. Can One Find Light Beyond Light Heart 12/25/2013
220. Farewell 2013 12/29/2013
221. In Roar Of Falling River There Are Untold Strories Of Drops 1/11/2014
222. No, No, We Are Either Busy Or Lazy... 1/11/2014
223. My Soul Is Not From Elsewhere 1/11/2014
224. Confusion Or Confession? 1/20/2014
225. Afterlife? ? ? 1/21/2014
226. Ahimsa 3/7/2014
227. Time Is The Best Healer 3/10/2014
228. Build No Walls, Raise No Garden. 3/7/2014
229. Kingdom Of Dreams... 3/13/2014
230. Grass Can Protect Seeds Of Trees. 3/16/2014
231. Divine Orgasm 3/20/2014
232. Oneness With Love 3/20/2014
233. Unconscious Learning Nature's Lessons, 3/22/2014
234. All Will Pass In Flow Of Time, We Also! 3/30/2014
235. Tell Me Why I Am Hindu? 4/1/2014
236. Thou Art That What I Am! 4/7/2014
237. There Lies Some Secret 4/11/2014
238. Talents When Grow 4/13/2014
239. Life Is Life That's All...! 10/16/2014
240. Lighter Birds Can Soar High, Heavier Can Only Run On Legs! 8/29/2012

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Dance, Dance Everywhere!

Dance, Dance Dance
When I look at the sky,
I see the clouds dance
Into steps of winds
My heart dance when I watch clouds dance!
How it can make me dance?

Without any tune or beats,
Its own beats me my heart dance.
Some strange tune it sings in silence and dance!

When I see at shore of ocean waves that dance,
Some birds in sky fly and dance,
On the waves boats that to the tune of waves, dance,

My mind sing lyricless
music to which it dance!

When I walk along the beach,
The headless crown of palm trees ...

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Singing Bird, I Was!

Bird, singing Bird, I am!
Got trapped myself,
lured by desires and
Effects of my own karma!
I found myself in cage,
Made by my own fate,
who become my master!

But when I started singing,

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