Ramesh T A

Gold Star - 88,942 Points (28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Ramesh T A Poems

2921. Cordiality Is The Springboard To Better Relationship! 6/6/2018
2922. Energy Only Has Eternity In The Universe! 6/6/2018
2923. Intelligence Keeps One Abreast Of Others In All! 6/6/2018
2924. Blessing Gives Inspiration To Achieve Great Dream! 6/6/2018
2925. Modernity Throws Sand On Great Expectation! 6/7/2018
2926. Nature Is A Lover Of Novelty! 6/3/2018
2927. The Necessity Of Courtesy Call For Good Relationship! 6/8/2018
2928. Paradise And Heaven In One We Muse On! 6/10/2018
2929. Even If It Doesn't...! 6/11/2018
2930. Inspiration Is The Great Lifting Force For All! 6/12/2018
2931. Am\nything Can Be Done Only In A Settled Place! 6/16/2018
2932. Auaroville Express Train! 6/20/2018
2933. A Paradise Of Nature! 6/22/2018
2934. Numerous Celebrations Rock The World! 6/22/2018
2935. The Birds No More Now...! 6/23/2018
2936. Can We Migrate And Live In Other Planets? 6/23/2018
2937. As If Human Children! 6/24/2018
2938. Betrayal And Treason! 6/24/2018
2939. The Raging Fire Of Love! 6/25/2018
2940. Living Life With Pleasure! 6/26/2018
2941. Restoration Of Earthly Paradise! 6/26/2018
2942. Joy And Peace Lie In The Life Of Honesty! 6/11/2018
2943. Beauty Of Love Rejuvenates All To Rise Again! 6/27/2018
2944. Good Time Starts After A Bad Dream-Like Situation! 6/28/2018
2945. Dreams Are Forever! 6/29/2018
2946. Power Of Words Of Bards! 6/29/2018
2947. What A Contrast Of Human Characters! 6/30/2018
2948. Paradise And Heaven Within Reach! 7/1/2018
2949. Natural Poetry! 7/1/2018
2950. A Tremendous Effect Of Nature! 7/4/2018
2951. Natural Symbols Are Metaphors Of Life Poetry! 7/4/2018
2952. All Symbols Are Metaphors Of Life Poetry! 7/4/2018
2953. A Machine World Malfunction! 7/4/2018
2954. A Paradise Of Nature To Feel A State Of Heaven! 7/5/2018
2955. Fruits Of Labour Are Sweet To Enjoy! 7/5/2018
2956. The Immortal Young One! 7/5/2018
2957. The Decree Of Nature! 7/2/2018
2958. Enmity End Of War And Fraternity End Of Game! 7/2/2018
2959. Death Is An Unstoppable Natural Process! 7/3/2018
2960. Paradise With Heavenly Love Is The Dream Of All! 7/3/2018

Comments about Ramesh T A

  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (8/25/2009 3:57:00 PM)

    Teresa Lowrey (8/25/2009 10: 17: 00 AM)
    A 2002 Burning Towns story
    Here you have demonstrated your skills not only as a poet and philosopher but as a journalist also. You have reached this side of the world with a story we so often don't hear about, only because so many wish to block it out.
    May God keep you safe.

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  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (8/16/2009 5:27:00 PM)

    Francis Duggan says: 'I have often read your poetry Ramesh and I always return to read more as your poems are the work of a true poet, Bird Or Poet, A Best Way To Liberation and A Born Poet Is Real are classics in their own right, good on you Ramesh.'

  • Catrina Heart (2/18/2009 2:28:00 AM)

    A creative writer more than a poet himself, all his works enriches the mind. Nonsense to the one who do not understand the world of creative writing and who has a hallow mind...Agreeable to those whose IQ is above average and who are truly bookworm...

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (6/14/2008 1:50:00 AM)

    dear ramesh t a, your poems have a deep insight. beautiful.

Best Poem of Ramesh T A

Songs Of The Singing Bird!

The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!
All the life songs of the bird about
Nature and culture are literature now!

Knowledge and experience give wisdom
That gives a system of life to live;
This is called human culture.
For all, the beginning and the end
Are in Nature only and so it is
The friend, philosopher and guide
Not only to poets, scientists and artists
But also to the whole of mankind.

From first melody to last funeral song
All songs say only about ...

Read the full of Songs Of The Singing Bird!

When That Day Will Dawn?

Diwali! What is it and why is it celebrated so lavishly every year?
It is the celebration of the Death Anniversary of Demon Narakasura,
The incarnation of All Evils in toto in the legendary age of the world!
Corruption, dowry, unemployment, poverty, ignorance and disease are
The Evils need to be eliminated for celebrating Diwali……. soon…..!

Commission called corruption is paid for any job to be done today
Whether to get admission for education or job in the govt. institution.

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