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Biography of Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been writing for over 20 years.

Her many publishing credits include poetry/stories in/on Erotic Tales 2 edited by Justus Roux, Night To Dawn, Bare Back Magazine, Poems That Kick on blogspot.com, Tales of The Zombie War and many more.

In her spare time she enjoys singing and never missing a pro football game.

Readers and fans may contact Ms. Thompson at ktmcphrsn@aol.com

Ramona Thompson's Works:

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Ramona Thompson has been writing for over 20 years.

Her past publishing credits include appearances in such high profile ezine as Justus Roux Erotic Tales and The Sensual Venus website for women amoug many others.

Her most recent and upcoming published appearances include poetry in Erotic Tales 2, Chaotic Dreams, Bareback Magazine, Night To Dawn and Twisted Tongue Magazine.

Ramona has also interviewed many up and coming talents including erotic author Justus Roux, metal band Boiler, ex Power Ranger actor Matt Austin and many more.

In her spare time Ramona enjoys singing and watching horror films.

Readers and fans are always welcome to write to her with their comments at



single and looking for the perfect normal abnormal man. Don't want no boring 9 to 5. I want someone real, honest and crazy cool like me. *grin* In other words...someone who does not bore me.

Note-any guy who is interested message me. also don't hurt if you look like Lukas Rossi from rockstar supernova. *grin* he's hot.

Fellow writers and human beings you can also find me on myspace at the link below.

Feel free to add me. I am friendly and I don't bite....very often. *wink*

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My most recent project-An online arts gallery for gays and lesbians can be viewed at the following link

http: //groups.msn.com/FineArtsGallery-FAG

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Ramona's Publishing Credits So Far

1. Sensual Venus

2. Erotic Fantasy-Tales of The Paranormal

3. Erotic Tales 2

4. Niteblade

5. Cherry Bleeds

6. Scared Naked June 2006 Issue

7. The Fifth Di

8. Justusroux.com

9. Fear and Trembling

10. Teenage

11. Demon Minds

12. The Monsters Next Door

13. Tales of The Zombie War

14. Worlds Within Worlds Beyond Magazine

15. Bareback Magazine

16. Twisted Tongue Magazine

17. Oysters and Chocolate ezine

18. Horror Carousel

And more!

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A Vist To Edgar's Grave

Hello my friend
Long ago
Buried under the ground
So cold
Hope that you are not
Feeling too lonely
I know
It has been
Many a year