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Ramona Thompson Poems

361. If I Offend You 7/25/2007
362. If I Were A Man 3/19/2008
363. If I Were A Sex Toy 10/28/2008
364. If It Was'T Rape 3/24/2008
365. If Mothers Ruled The World 9/18/2007
366. If Ramona Thompson Were President 2/15/2008
367. If You Really Want Me To Comment 1/22/2009
368. I''Ll Torch Myself 12/6/2007
369. I'Ll Be Your Donor 2/13/2008
370. I'Ll Be Your Idol Tonight 4/14/2008
371. I'Ll Kiss A Girl 6/25/2008
372. I'Ll Light Up My Wife 7/9/2007
373. I'Ll Make Love To Me 1/16/2008
374. Ils Ne Passeront Pas 2/3/2009
375. Ils N'Ont Rien Appris Ni Rien Oublie 1/15/2009
376. I'M A Hooker 2/27/2007
377. I'M A Virgin 12/22/2006
378. I'M A Virgin-A Dark Madonna Parody 8/22/2007
379. I'M Coming Out 6/10/2009
380. I'M Gonna Kill Myself 10/22/2006
381. I'M Here To Tell My Husband Something 6/9/2009
382. I'M In Love V 1 2/17/2009
383. I'M In Love V 2 2/17/2009
384. I'M In Love With Your Boyfriend 10/9/2006
385. I'M Kissing A Pirate 6/27/2008
386. I'M Leaving You 10/21/2006
387. I'M Not Gonna Abort A Thing 4/28/2009
388. I'M Not That Girl 7/10/2007
389. I'M Not Who He Thinks I Am 10/4/2006
390. I'M Pregnant 2/3/2009
391. I'M Selling My Body 10/21/2006
392. I'M Sorry 1/23/2009
393. I'M Suicidal 9/8/2008
394. I'M Taking Your Baby 12/26/2006
395. Imagine-A Breast Cancer Tribute Song 2/3/2009
396. Imagine-An Erotic John Lennon Parody 4/26/2007
397. In A Desperate Place 10/21/2006
398. In Defense Of The Craigslist Killer 4/23/2009
399. In The Back Of My Stepfather's Truck 1/26/2009
400. In The Land Of Genius Steinman Is King 10/26/2007
Best Poem of Ramona Thompson

Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They've got a libdo and a desire
That can't be controled

They've got the power
To sex you in the shower and they always score

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They love to take their dates
Hard into their hands
They know to always use condoms and practice safe sex

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power ...

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So sorry to have to tell you my darling
About my passions raging out of control
During these days of our lifes
There have been I am sad to report
Many, many other lovers besides just you in our wedded bed
Some bold and beautiful
Others young and restless
All mistakes.
Horrible, awful mistakes that I wish I could take back

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