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401. Breast Implants 2 11/11/2008
402. Breast Implants 3 11/12/2008
403. Breast Implants 4 11/12/2008
404. Breast Implants 5 11/13/2008
405. Breast Implants 6 11/13/2008
406. Homophobia 11/17/2008
407. Never Gonna Give It Up 12/2/2008
408. Your Suicide Note 12/3/2008
409. Nuclear Night 12/3/2008
410. The Old Terrorist Is Back In Town 12/4/2008
411. So Outta Love 12/5/2008
412. The Straight Pretender 12/5/2008
413. Leave A Light On 12/8/2008
414. The Great Pretender-A Dark Rewrite 12/8/2008
415. Battered Ladies 12/9/2008
416. The Greater Pretender 12/9/2008
417. I Wish You Would'T Bury Me On Christmas 12/10/2008
418. Love Story 12/10/2008
419. What Obama Knew 12/11/2008
420. Christmas Wishes 12/1/2008
421. Superbowl Sex 12/17/2008
422. Shoplifting For Christmas 12/17/2008
423. Caught Under The Mistletoe 12/18/2008
424. Top 10 Things To Say To Get Out Of Holiday Sex You Don'T Want 12/19/2008
425. Ramona's 2009 Predictions 1/5/2009
426. Kill The Lights 1/6/2009
427. Britney's Secret 1/6/2009
428. Making Love On The Moon 1/7/2009
429. Declaration Of My Desire 1/8/2009
430. I Wanna Know Who The Father Is 1/8/2009
431. Come Do It To Me 1/9/2009
432. Lay Next To Me 1/14/2009
433. Secure 1/14/2009
434. Breathe 1/15/2009
435. Man In The Middle 1/15/2009
436. How Can I Come Out 1/12/2009
437. La Donna E' Mobile Qual Piuma Al Vento 1/15/2009
438. In Vino Veritas 1/15/2009
439. Ramona Allona 1/16/2009
440. Inauguration Day 1/19/2009

Comments about Ramona Thompson

  • Valerie Mahaney (Kaupp) (2/19/2012 10:41:00 PM)

    *correction* In reference to your poem Daddy Drinks because You Cry Wow, your poor unloved child...I am sure there are loving couples out there that would love to love your child the way a human being should be loved...Adoption; give your child a chance...unless CPS already has her. WOW, I hope it's not too late for your daughter! Not only are you a disgrace to poets and writers everywhere but to the whole human race...you make terrorists sound nice!

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    4 person did not like.
  • Melissa Medrano (8/3/2009 10:00:00 PM)

    Omg I love the poem! ! ! ! It is awesome. I love lesbians :) Nice work.

  • Ashley Sturgeon (11/20/2008 11:54:00 AM)

    You are really sick and twisted you don't care what your poems say or who they hurt or offend you should be banned from writing you are a disgrace to poets everywhere if you think your poems are funny they are not

Best Poem of Ramona Thompson

Orgasm! What A Feeling!

Erotic Parody of Flashdance What A Feeling from the film Flashdance

First there's a tingle
A slow yearning dream
That your hands seem to inspire
As I begin to perspire to
A fantasy undressing slowly in my mind

All alone we have touched and we have trembled
Yet never before like this
With your body made of steel
Melting my heart of stone

Well, I hear your breathing
Close my eyes, feel our rhytmn
Wrap your legs around me, take a hold of my heart
In the dark

What a orgasm!
Feelin' you ridin'
We can have it ...

Read the full of Orgasm! What A Feeling!

The Days Of My Love Life

Single and looking for the perfect man to be the father of all my children
Once young and restless
Now all I seek is to find my guiding light
So that I can grow old and happy with my soulmate
Sharing forever together
All the days of our lifes
With only one life to live
This is my hope
My dream

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