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Ramona Thompson Poems

561. Something About The Way You Made Me Feel Gay Tonight 5/26/2009
562. Kris Allen Is Not The Real American Idol 5/27/2009
563. American Idol Scandal 5/27/2009
564. Gay Is Beautiful 5/28/2009
565. You Are Still The Champion 5/29/2009
566. Straight Up 5/29/2009
567. The Cat And The Fiddle Rewrite 5/7/2009
568. Child Abuse 6/2/2009
569. Tiller-Baby Killer-Got What He Deserved 6/3/2009
570. I'M Coming Out 6/10/2009
571. He's A Queen 6/10/2009
572. The Bright Side Of Aids 6/11/2009
573. I Believe I'M Gonna Die 6/11/2009
574. No More Mister Nice Gay Guy 6/11/2009
575. A Writer's True Goal-Advice From Yours Truly, Ramona Thompson 6/15/2009
576. Everything I Do, I Do To Offend You 6/15/2009
577. David Letterman/Sarah Palin 6/16/2009
578. The Right To Swallow Another Guy's Rock 6/17/2009
579. Rape-It Should Happen To You! 6/8/2009
580. First Kiss 6/8/2009
581. Battlefield 6/17/2009
582. Retarded Babies 6/22/2009
583. Derrick Tribbett-A Tribute 6/22/2009
584. Mary Mary 6/22/2009
585. Abort The Brat 6/9/2009
586. Billy Drago 1/11/2010
587. To Be Beat By You 1/12/2010
588. God, If You Could 1/13/2010
589. Valentine's Day Virgin 1/14/2010
590. Valentine Gun 1/14/2010
591. Valentine Fun 1/14/2010
592. Valentine Vampire 1/14/2010
593. Valentine Moon 1/14/2010
594. Valentine's Day Phone Sex 1/14/2010
595. God Must Really Hate Haiti 1/15/2010
596. Valentine Vampire V 2 1/15/2010
597. Valentine's Day Blows 1/18/2010
598. Valentine Snake 1/18/2010
599. Valentine's Day Ode To My Ex 1/18/2010
600. What If God Is A Terrorist 1/19/2010

Comments about Ramona Thompson

  • Valerie Mahaney (Kaupp) (2/19/2012 10:41:00 PM)

    *correction* In reference to your poem Daddy Drinks because You Cry Wow, your poor unloved child...I am sure there are loving couples out there that would love to love your child the way a human being should be loved...Adoption; give your child a chance...unless CPS already has her. WOW, I hope it's not too late for your daughter! Not only are you a disgrace to poets and writers everywhere but to the whole human race...you make terrorists sound nice!

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    4 person did not like.
  • Melissa Medrano (8/3/2009 10:00:00 PM)

    Omg I love the poem! ! ! ! It is awesome. I love lesbians :) Nice work.

  • Ashley Sturgeon (11/20/2008 11:54:00 AM)

    You are really sick and twisted you don't care what your poems say or who they hurt or offend you should be banned from writing you are a disgrace to poets everywhere if you think your poems are funny they are not

Best Poem of Ramona Thompson

Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They've got a libdo and a desire
That can't be controled

They've got the power
To sex you in the shower and they always score

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They love to take their dates
Hard into their hands
They know to always use condoms and practice safe sex

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power ...

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A Vist To Edgar's Grave

Hello my friend
Long ago
Buried under the ground
So cold
Hope that you are not
Feeling too lonely
I know
It has been
Many a year

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