Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson Poems

641. Stay Out Of Our Love 12/4/2006
642. I Ate Myself 12/5/2006
643. Ghosts, Ghouls, And Goblins 10/26/2006
644. My Halloween Costume 10/29/2006
645. Lukas Likes To 11/4/2006
646. All I Want For Christmas Is Lukas Rossi 11/4/2006
647. Power Rangers Rhytmn Force 10/13/2006
648. Goody, Goody 1/24/2007
649. I Heard It Through Myspace 2/13/2007
650. Screw Loose-A Parody 2/13/2007
651. Trying To Be A Rockstar 2/13/2007
652. My Online Valentine 2/15/2007
653. Spitful Dancer 2/15/2007
654. Zero 2/15/2007
655. Underneath These Floors 2/15/2007
656. Banned! 2/16/2007
657. Bill Clinton 1/24/2007
658. Mike 1/25/2007
659. Once We Make Love 2/5/2007
660. Nothing Compares To A Jew 2/12/2007
661. My Phantom Valentine 2/13/2007
662. Left Out 2/20/2007
663. Racecar 2/22/2007
664. Haunted 2/22/2007
665. I Told My Mother I Was Going To Kill Myself 3/1/2007
666. One Question 3/7/2007
667. The Nightbreed 3/27/2007
668. I Cloned Someone 3/28/2007
669. Cock A Bye Baby 3/29/2007
670. My Nightbreed Love 3/29/2007
671. Half 3/30/2007
672. War 4/12/2007
673. I Wanna Be Seperated 5/29/2007
674. Some Tarts 5/29/2007
675. You Must Be Aborted! 5/31/2007
676. Are You Raping A Fifth Grader? 6/1/2007
677. Should Have Married Me! 6/1/2007
678. You'Re So Paranoid 6/18/2007
679. You'Re Like A Child 6/18/2007
680. Amazing Disgrace 6/19/2007

Comments about Ramona Thompson

  • Valerie Mahaney (Kaupp) (2/19/2012 10:41:00 PM)

    *correction* In reference to your poem Daddy Drinks because You Cry Wow, your poor unloved child...I am sure there are loving couples out there that would love to love your child the way a human being should be loved...Adoption; give your child a chance...unless CPS already has her. WOW, I hope it's not too late for your daughter! Not only are you a disgrace to poets and writers everywhere but to the whole human race...you make terrorists sound nice!

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    4 person did not like.
  • Melissa Medrano (8/3/2009 10:00:00 PM)

    Omg I love the poem! ! ! ! It is awesome. I love lesbians :) Nice work.

  • Ashley Sturgeon (11/20/2008 11:54:00 AM)

    You are really sick and twisted you don't care what your poems say or who they hurt or offend you should be banned from writing you are a disgrace to poets everywhere if you think your poems are funny they are not

Best Poem of Ramona Thompson

Oral Sex

One look in your eyes and tonight I am sickened
Rolling and shivering I can feel my skin crawling in bitter repulsion
All day I have been dreading the question that I knew tonight you would be asking
Lust burns in your gaze devouring me as if I were nothing more to you than a piece of meat

Surely you would't force me into an act of submission that you know I don't want
Eww! Now I can hear you unzipping and pulling it out
XXX rape is what I guess will my punishment for still loving you even after all these years of torment

2008 Ramona Thompson

Read the full of Oral Sex

A Beatle's Revenge

Help me if you can
She wants alimony
Oh honey I think I'm gonna wind up brokey
Worse then when John married Yoko
Got me sayin uh oh uh oh
Oh no!
Heather from me to you
I say screw it
Why did we have to do it?

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