Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson Poems

801. Tiller-Baby Savior-R.I.P. 6/3/2009
802. If I Could Turn Back Time 6/2/2009
803. Homophobe 5/26/2009
804. This Little Pig Went To Market 5/7/2009
805. Mary Had A Little Lamb Rewrite 5/6/2009
806. Jack And Jill Rewrite 5/6/2009
807. Philip Markoff-Craiglist Killer Poem 4/23/2009
808. Poetry Readers 2/2/2009
809. Please Don'T Buy His Music 3/23/2009
810. The Virus Scare Is A Hoax! 4/1/2009
811. Suicidal Pen 3/5/2009
812. I Won'T Tone It Down 2/9/2009
813. Spring Break Sex! 2/26/2009
814. How I Spent My Summer Of Sin 2/27/2009
815. Jessica Simpson 2/6/2009
816. Valentine Strip Tease 1/30/2009
817. Manniquin 1/30/2009
818. Judex Damnatur Cum Nocens Absolvitur 1/28/2009
819. Tenet Insanabile Multos Scribendi Cacoethes 1/28/2009
820. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry 1/26/2009
821. Dating Resume 1/15/2009
822. Walking Through A Nuclear Wonderland 12/15/2008
823. It Was My Birthday Yesterday 12/12/2008
824. A Ghetto Christmas 12/4/2008
825. Mother 11/26/2008
826. Breast Implants 1 11/11/2008
827. Halloween Wedding 10/27/2008
828. A Halloween Lover's Tale 10/27/2008
829. You Are The Champions 10/27/2008
830. Peter 9/24/2008
831. Blowjob Offer 10/22/2008
832. Ramona's Sexual Wish List 2008 10/23/2008
833. Rock The Vote 10/10/2008
834. Young-Erotic 9/22/2008
835. Zimmerman-Erotic 9/22/2008
836. Peterson 8/25/2008
837. Poison Passion 7/18/2008
838. Vanessa 7/17/2008
839. Mary Ellen 7/16/2008
840. Phillip 7/14/2008

Comments about Ramona Thompson

  • Valerie Mahaney (Kaupp) (2/19/2012 10:41:00 PM)

    *correction* In reference to your poem Daddy Drinks because You Cry Wow, your poor unloved child...I am sure there are loving couples out there that would love to love your child the way a human being should be loved...Adoption; give your child a chance...unless CPS already has her. WOW, I hope it's not too late for your daughter! Not only are you a disgrace to poets and writers everywhere but to the whole human race...you make terrorists sound nice!

    3 person liked.
    4 person did not like.
  • Melissa Medrano (8/3/2009 10:00:00 PM)

    Omg I love the poem! ! ! ! It is awesome. I love lesbians :) Nice work.

  • Ashley Sturgeon (11/20/2008 11:54:00 AM)

    You are really sick and twisted you don't care what your poems say or who they hurt or offend you should be banned from writing you are a disgrace to poets everywhere if you think your poems are funny they are not

Best Poem of Ramona Thompson

Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They've got a libdo and a desire
That can't be controled

They've got the power
To sex you in the shower and they always score

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power Rangers
Mighty Horny Power Rangers

They love to take their dates
Hard into their hands
They know to always use condoms and practice safe sex

No one can ever keep these rangers down
The power of love sweet love is on their side

Oh oh Power Rangers
Oh oh Power ...

Read the full of Mighty Horny Power Rangers

Get Off My Black

Color of my skin
Is how you judge me
Darker than you
Is the mark of a dangerous man
That is the one thought
You carry
Don't look closer
To see who I really am
So afraid

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