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961. Zachery 9/26/2008
962. Zack 7/15/2008
963. Zamora 7/17/2008
964. Zero 2/15/2007
965. Zimmerman 8/26/2008
966. Zimmerman-Erotic 9/22/2008
Best Poem of Ramona Thompson

All Muslims Are Terrorists!

So sick to death of always being judged
The color of our skins alone marking us as criminals
Leading you to believe
Painful, hurtful lies
Lies that rip and tear apart the very fabric of our once loving community
Turning the world againest us
One by one
We come forward
Pleading to understand why
Why do you always lie and say?
All Muslims are terrorists

Worked so hard to make a better life for ourselves and our families
Never would hurt even a fly
Proud to be just like you
Red blooded
Blue collar American citizens of this great ...

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A Vist To Edgar's Grave

Hello my friend
Long ago
Buried under the ground
So cold
Hope that you are not
Feeling too lonely
I know
It has been
Many a year

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