Randy Johnson Poems

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He Ate Dog Food

Twenty years ago a man lived in his car.
He did something that was really bizarre.

Streets Of Gold

Heaven is the greatest reward that people can achieve.
We can all go there when our time is up and we have to leave.
When we go to heaven, happiness will never cease.
We'll love each other and we'll have eternal peace.

Gift From God

Worship God

Some people don't believe in God but I do.
If they started reading the bible, they might believe in him too.
I'm going to tell you something that is precise.
Worship God and one day you will live in paradise.

Honor Thy Parents

Honoring thy parents is one of the Ten Commandments, that is clear.
If it wasn't for our parents, none of us would be here.
Honor thy parents because that's what were supposed to do.
They brought you into the world and they love you.

Going Berserk Over A Playstation 3

I stood in a long line at Wal-mart to get a Playstation 3.
But they sold out and something snapped in me.

Spoiled Rotten

Before your parents died, they fed you expensive foods like caviar.
You drove around in Rolls-royces, Porsches, and other expensive cars.
But you won't find any of that here.
Your parents made the mistake of spoiling you over the years.

Racist People Are Going To Vote For Obama

I've seen some racist people who are going to vote for Obama this November.
That is very unusual and it's something that I'll always remember.
You know that Obama is a great man when you see racist people who are going to vote for him.
Even though they're bigots, Obama means a lot to them.

George Washington

My Wife Is A Slut


My wife has slept with every man on the planet; she's a slut.
The only way to stop her is to sew her v##### shut.