Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson Poems

241. A Little Piece Of Heaven 5/16/2009
242. Wendy 5/27/2009
243. The Death Of David Carradine 6/8/2009
244. Carl 6/19/2009
245. Anne Ramsey 6/21/2009
246. King Of Pop 6/26/2009
247. Ed Mcmahon 6/29/2009
248. Goodbye Mollie 7/6/2009
249. Boy 7/7/2009
250. So Easy A Caveman Can Do It Iv 7/21/2009
251. So Easy A Caveman Can Do It Vii: Scientific Study 7/23/2009
252. So Easy A Caveman Can Do It Viii: Taxi Driver 7/23/2009
253. This Poem Is For Teenagers 7/23/2009
254. So Easy A Caveman Can Do It Ix: Half Caveman 7/25/2009
255. So Easy A Caveman Can Do It X: The Final Sequel 7/26/2009
256. I Can'T Spare A Square 7/27/2009
257. I Work For The Irs 8/16/2009
258. I'M George Costanza 1/4/2010
259. A 2nd Poem About Brittany Murphy 1/5/2010
260. These Damn Farts 2/18/2010
261. Intoxicated Driving 2/26/2010
262. I Need God 5/9/2010
263. Stacy 9/3/2005
264. Driving Drunk 9/4/2005
265. Goodbye Gary 5/30/2010
266. I'M A Killer 5/31/2010
267. Brough 4/15/2006
268. The Skipper 4/19/2006
269. Tayback 5/25/2006
270. Michelle 5/31/2006
271. Mayo 6/5/2006
272. Nothing But Glass 6/9/2006
273. He Lost His Wiener In A Vacuum Cleaner 6/12/2006
274. Glued Shut 6/15/2006
275. Struck By Lightning 6/23/2006
276. Star Explores 6/26/2006
277. Beckley 6/27/2006
278. Pregnant 6/27/2006
279. Connie Hines 12/26/2009
280. Cruel Twist Of Fate 1/1/2010

Comments about Randy Johnson

  • Sasha Anonymous (9/6/2007 7:16:00 AM)

    Marvelous writing... ^_^

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  • Emily =) (4/6/2007 10:13:00 AM)

    I love all of your poems they are filled with humor and sadness, light hearted and serious-brilliant.

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  • Buried Alive (12/24/2006 7:36:00 PM)

    I found 'I had sex with my mother-in-law' to be the funniest one I read.I was
    laughing my head off. I wonder if you will be writing a second part to it.

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  • Jeff Hobbs Jeff Hobbs (7/24/2006 7:55:00 AM)

    Loved the crammed things up your ass poem - I thought it was going to suck a pineapple, instead it inserted one! Very funny, very very funny. You should allow comments on your poems so that you can bathe in the glory!

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  • Untitiled and unnamed (6/29/2006 9:53:00 PM)

    X Ray Glasses,

    Hey I really liked this, such a fun poem, something I am sure all teenage boys

    wished they had, had at one time or another...

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Best Poem of Randy Johnson

You Got My Sister Pregnant

You got my sister pregnant and refused to take responsibility.
You told her it's her problem and now you have to deal with me.
Let's step outside and deal with this like men.
When I get done, you won't shirk your responsibility again.
You told her to have an abortion even after she decided to have the child.
Now I'm pissed off and I'm about to go wild.
You refused to marry my sister but you will pay child support.
Or I'll beat the hell out of you and then take you to court.
Take my word when I tell you that it's wise not to mess with me.
I weigh nearly two hundred ...

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My Grandpa

(Dedicated to Burkette Greene who passed away February 7,1998.)

He cherished everyday of his life.
He was a casual man with five kids and a wife.
Sadly his wife died and left him on his own.
He then raised his kids and he did it all alone.

He was eighty-seven when he passed away.