Randy Johnson Poems

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Gene Barry

You died less than one year ago.
People loved to watch your shows.
It was very tragic when you died last year.
Your death made your fans burst into tears.

That's Not Rape

A man was convicted for rape even though he didn't commit that crime.
He'll be branded a rapist for the rest of his life and that's a long time.
When this man slept with a woman, he promised to wear a condom but he did not.
He didn't deserve a rape conviction but that's what he got.

Jesus Was The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived.
He loved to show kindness and he loved to forgive.
He resurrected the dead and made the blind see.
A couple of men wanted to stone a woman who committed adultery.

A Sore Loser

When I was a child, I wasn't a good sport at losing.
I took a bat to the winning team and I gave them a good bruising.

Road Rash

When I won a Yamaha motorcycle, I was really thrilled.
But I've had some wrecks that nearly got me killed.

Say It, Not Spray It

My cousin spits lots of saliva when he talks.
If you're near him, you'll slip on the floor when you walk.

Statutory Rape

My daughter is only thirteen and you're twenty-two.
You seduced her and now I'm going to call the law on you.

You Have Angered Me

(I got the idea for this fictional poem from Me, myself & Irene.)

You cheated on me when we were on our honeymoon.
I was afraid that you'd cheat but I didn't know you'd do it that soon.

Clown Shoes

(This is a fictional poem)

My feet are so big that I have to wear clown shoes.
People keep pointing and laughing, what am I going to do?

Black Rights

This is the month when the accomplishments of black people are celebrated.
But until around 1980 the schools in Morristown Tennessee were still segregated.
That was shocking and it wasn't right.
To get to be treated as equals, black people had to fight.