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Raouf Reda poet


Post graduate studies in the American university of Cairo
• 3rd part in the CMA (Certified Managerial Accountant)

Post graduate studies in Boston College USA.
• Studied advanced marketing methodology.
• Studied stock market.
• Financial analysis.

Bachelor of Arts, the Arab Academy of Science and Technology and Maritime, Egypt, June 2005
• Major: Business Administration English Section
• Specialization: Marketing Management & Finance
• Overall Grade: Good
• Related Academic Projects:
o Graduation Project, Feasibility Study of Exporting Fruits & Vegetables Overall Grade: Excellent, awarded 1st Place
 Worked with a team to create this feasibility study.
 Assigned by the team to handle the marketing plan.
 Created and present the Power Point presentation for the project.
o Advertising and Promotion Project
Awarded 1st Place in the university projects
 Created a bill-board advertisement on Photoshop for Volkswagen (VW) . “That actually was sold to Automotive”
 Studied extensively the product and the target market.
 Brainstormed for new advertisement ideas and created the slogan.
o Study case of ISO standards for environment preservation

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) , St. Fatima Language Schools, Egypt, June 2001


• Trainee, Boghdadi Company, Importing and Exporting, Cairo, Summer 2005
o Trained in the Marketing, Distribution and Sales Departments.
o Attended seminars about the processing and marketing of spare parts in domestic market.
o Visited retailers on site as a field representative to open new markets.
o Prepared a marketing research about the target market/clientele.
o Developed my teamwork skills by working on a study about “Consumer Behavior.”
o Presented with the team, the final results of the research in a presentation to the clients and the company board.
o Contacted directly the foreign suppliers and was involved in on-going negotiations.

• Trainee, U.S. Naval Medical Research unit no.3 (NAMRU-3) , maintenance
Division, Cairo, Summer 2002
o Trained in Maintenance and Human Resources divisions.
o Worked with foreign experts, this developed my language and communication skills.
o Sorted and filed incoming documents.
o Assisted in developing a database for the spare parts and inventory of the project.

• Worked for Yougo trade as a Marketer July 2005.

o Made a research of the domestic gas market (supply and demand forecasting) .
o Involved in all the legal papers for constructing the company.
o Made a research on the customer behavior.
o Worked on the forecasting budget on a research basis.
o Full responsibility to communicate with the advertising agents.

• Worked in CEPSA Egypt for Oil & Gas as an Accountant December 2005.

o Made a Study & a presentation about the domestic market of Gas & Oil in Egypt. “http: //www.scribd.com/doc/85983/Domestic-Natural-Gas-Market”
o Was totally responsible for the Purchasing department. (Beside being An Accountant)
o Financial Auditing on all the incoming invoices.
o Voucher & Payment entry.
o Forecasting budget.
o Responsible for the monthly Accruals for the company.
o Responsible for the monthly Amortization & Capitalization.
o Involved in the pre-contract negotiations to be able to cost control the project.
o Direct Assistant to the General Manager.

• Participant, in advance taxations course in Egypt related to the new Tax law for 2005

o Sales tax
o Income tax
o Stamp tax


• Participant, Negotiation and Contracting Skills Conference, Arab Academy of Science and Technology and Maritime, December 2004
o Divided into teams, trained on negotiation skills in the business field.
o Studied contract writing and formatting.
o Focused on business laws.
• Participant, Powerful Presentation Skills Conference, Arab Academy of Science and Technology and Maritime, December 2004
o Trained on professional writing and presentation skills.
o Focused on communication skills and targeting specific audiences.
• Delegate, Model United Nations (MUN) , Cairo University, Spring 2002
o Participated in several debates over political issues
o Attended leadership, negotiation and communication seminars
• Participant, Leadership Camp, Boston U.S.A, July 2000
o Focused on management and leadership skills to develop our natural charisma when making contacts in business relations.
o Learned how to utilize our motivation skills in dealing with the labor force and creating more efficient production.
o Learned to create our own business philosophy.
o Developed our public relations skills.

• Managed & organized fund raising for the new cancer hospital in Egypt
o Communicate & worked with different organizations “Example: OT.V & Government authorities for permits”
o Shared my own talents in those events (playing the guitar & singing)
o Participant in many T.V show to market those events in Egypt and overseas

• Nominated as a best poems writer from poems Hunter association.
o http: //www.poemhunter.com/raouf-reda/

Contact Information

Activities: Playing the guitar and singing, writing poems, composing songs and Drawing
Love to travel, reading and summer time.Interests: Stock market & business news.Favorite Music: Country music.Favorite TV Shows: Friends.Favorite Movies: Brave Heart.Favorite Books: In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? Favorite Quotations: For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gain, you lose something. -Ralph Waldo Emerson


We must either find a way or make one. -Hannibal


Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.


You can let bad times make you bitter -or better.

Raouf Reda's Works:

Domastic Oil & Gas 'Egypt'

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New Year :)

It’s a cooled lonely New Years Eve.
Thinking about life and what I believe

Then out of silence, I saw her face
Full of beauty from heaven’s grace

And suddenly without warning
my soul start a joyful Dancing

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