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1. It's Not Any Different-Letters Written, Not Meaning To Send. 7/15/2013
2. Remember 6/22/2013
3. Fake It 8/4/2013
4. Thorns And Buds 8/5/2013
5. Touched 8/22/2013
6. Sucks 8/22/2013
7. Hide 8/26/2013
8. Emotion 8/26/2013
9. Had To Be 8/26/2013
10. Changing In Good Ways 8/9/2013
11. Mother (Mama) 8/28/2013
12. What's Next? 9/5/2013
13. Moments 9/6/2013
14. Him 9/6/2013
15. Addiction 9/26/2013
16. You 9/27/2013
17. Triumph? 10/2/2013
18. In The End 11/4/2013
19. Adrift 6/17/2013
20. Broken Eyes 6/20/2013
21. Unexpected Beauty 6/25/2013
22. I Am 6/27/2013
23. Bigger 7/13/2013
24. Your Kind 11/13/2013
25. What Are You 12/19/2013
26. Tonight 12/9/2015
27. This Time 11/11/2013
28. Reality 7/14/2013
29. 12 To 45 6/27/2013

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12 To 45

I was considering today all the years I have written poems and such.
I wish I had them all to sum up my life,
But alas,
They along with some pieces of my life,
Have been scattered to the wind and engulfed in some land-fill.
Not to be remembered.
Altho, I do recall the first thing I ever wrote.
A 12 yearolds thoughts on a ticking clock.
That as a moment passes, it will never be regained.
At 45, I am still searching out that 'now'.
To capture all that is possible in the moment that is ticking by

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I Am

Shut-up, insecure nonsense!
I am claiming the good in me.
I am claiming all the wonder I am as a human.
I am claiming all the glory I am as a woman.
I am claiming all the good that will come to me.
I am not allowing anymore negative to penetrate
I am claiming that I am worthy and worth loving.
I am claiming all the blessings that have been bestowed on me.
I am claiming all the wonder that has been stolen from me.

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