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1. 315 Park Ave 8/2/2012
2. Six Feet Six 8/2/2012
3. 2010 8/2/2012
4. Am I The Person I Should Be 8/2/2012
5. Arrival 8/2/2012
6. Attention 8/2/2012
7. Beyond 8/2/2012
8. As I See It 8/2/2012
9. Black 8/2/2012
10. Bram - Di Lan Seal 8/2/2012
11. So Now U Know Who Was On Ur Wall. 8/2/2012
12. Cousin 8/2/2012
13. Set Me Free 1/13/2013
14. On The Outside 12/25/2014
15. Ode To Maureen 7/11/2015
16. Transit Ride 7/11/2015
17. He Carry Me 7/11/2015
18. How Is Your Faith 7/11/2015
19. Jean 7/11/2015
20. My Rainbow 7/11/2015
21. Lost Time 9/7/2014

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Lost Time

I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do.

I had to hurry and get to work, for bills would soon be due.

So I said a hurried prayer, and jumped up from off my knees.

My Christian duty was now done; my soul could be at ease.

All through the day I had no time, to spread a word of cheer.

no time to speak of Christ to friends, they'd laugh at me I'd fear.

No time, no time, too much to do, that was my constant cry.

No time to give to souls in need, but at last, it was time to die.

And when before the Lord I came, I stood with ...

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315 Park Ave

everyday the tables turn in others
direction and I am left with the clean
up job, we see the walls all fill with
garbage of ones tale destructive life,
places where humans live in fear
of living of waking up tomorrow,

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