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Ravi Kopra Poems

561. You Aren't Here Now, A Hindi Love Poem By Deepti Mishra In English Translation 2/13/2018
562. Pyaar Ka Bhoot, A Hindi/Urdu Poem 2/13/2018
563. Sensible 2/13/2018
564. A Rendering Of Shel Silverstein English Poem Into Punjabi For Punjabis 2/13/2018
565. What Men Women Love 2/13/2018
566. Haiku - A Sad Valentine Day 2/13/2018
567. Love, An Everyday Valentine Poem 2/14/2018
568. Haiku - Happy In New Love 2/14/2018
569. Haiku - Happy In Love With Wife 2/14/2018
570. The Wind Teased Me, A Punjabi Poem In English Translation 2/14/2018
571. Haiku - Still Loving Bad, Dead Wife 2/14/2018
572. Haiku - Jealous Wife 2/14/2018
573. Kabir In Translation - Greatness 2/14/2018
574. Kabir In Translation - Self Discovery 2/14/2018
575. Kabir In Translation - Praying To God 2/14/2018
576. Kabir In Translation - Procrastination 2/14/2018
577. Kabir In Translation - The Hand-Mill In Motion 2/14/2018
578. Bliss We Have To Gain - A Kind Of Prose Poem After Kumarmani Mahakul 2/14/2018
579. Kabir In Translation - Speech 2/15/2018
580. Kabir In Translation - Steadily, Unhurriedly 2/15/2018
581. Kabir In Translation - A Prayer 2/15/2018
582. Kabir In Translation - Where Is God? 2/15/2018
583. Ah! The Bootlickers 2/15/2018
584. Five Couplets In Hindi 2/15/2018
585. Cliff, A Poem By The Russian Poet Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/16/2018
586. Kabir In Translation - Best Wishes 2/16/2018
587. O Love! 2/16/2018
588. Kabir In Translation - Love 2/16/2018
589. When I Am Free Today, A Urdu Ghazal By Afzal Khan In English Translation 2/16/2018
590. I May Stop Desiring You Somehow, A Urdu Ghazal By Nasir Kazmi In English Translation 2/16/2018
591. Moon Festival, A Poem By The Chinese Poet Bei Dao In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/16/2018
592. Kabir In Translation -Joys Of Love 2/16/2018
593. Kabir In Translation - Worry 2/16/2018
594. Kabir In Translation - Pride 2/16/2018
595. O Sweetheart, Hear You -A Poem By James Joyce In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/16/2018
596. Shade Train, An English Poem By Soham Patel In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/16/2018
597. Kabir In Translation - Righteousness 2/16/2018
598. Kabir- Worthlessness 2/16/2018
599. O My Innocent Heart - A Ghazal Of Ghalib In English Translation 2/17/2018
600. The End And The Beginning, A Poem By Wislawa Szymborska In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/17/2018

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (9/21/2019 1:39:00 PM)

    Ravi is a great poet and a translator. He is well versed in many languages and is an admirer of good poetry. But he has one small weakness. For some unknown reason, he hates or just dislikes Muslims in India or other parts of the world. May God (of his choice) Bless Him. I wish him all the best in his literary pursuits.

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Best Poem of Ravi Kopra

So Beautiful Is She

When I saw her for the first time
I got mesmerized
dreaming blue eyes
so beautiful
short curly wavy blond hair
a huge pleasant smile
dimples, not wrinkles
she looked so youthful, cheerful
hypnotized, I swayed
what could happen I thought
if I kept on looking at her!

I do not know.

But what do I know is this:
if De Vinci had seen her once
Mona Lisa would not be in the Louvre.

I cannot forget her blue eyes
her face, her heart warming smile
I close my eyes and still
I see her vividly.

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My First Kiss

Tuesday morning in Tampa
in the gardens of SFU,
I will give you my first caress,
my first kiss
You will by my spring, everything
our lives will begin

The birds will sing in trees
butterflies fly on lilies

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