Ravi Kopra

Ravi Kopra Poems

1761. Gods Govern The World 3/31/2019
1762. Nothing To Do By James Ephraim Mcgirt In Hindi/Urdu Translation 3/31/2019
1763. "जिस जगह देख लिया जान तसद्क़ कर दी" In English Translation 3/31/2019
1764. Duo Yu: Oyster In Hindi/Urdu Translation 3/31/2019
1765. Catullus: O Best Of Thieves In Hindi/Urdu Translation 3/31/2019
1766. Love For The Living (Zinda Rehnay Ka Matlab) , A Poem By Mary Jean Chan In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/1/2019
1767. Mirza Ghalib: Ishq Ne 'ġhālib' Nikammā Kar Diyā In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/1/2019
1768. Dagh Duniya Ne Diye Zakhm Zamane Se Mile, A Urdu Ghazal By Kaif Bhopali In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/3/2019
1769. "Wan Chu's Wife In Bed" By Richard Jones' Erotic Poem In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/3/2019
1770. Not Writing. Jane Kenyon's Writer's Block In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/3/2019
1771. Dhammapada 1-2 4/3/2019
1772. Dhammapada 3-5 4/3/2019
1773. Dhammapada 6-7 4/3/2019
1774. Ghalib: Pūchhe Hai Kyā Vajūd O Adam Ahl-E-Shauq Kā In English Translation 4/3/2019
1775. Jamal Ehsani's Urdu Ghazal: Qarar Dil Ko Sada Jis Ke Nam Se Aaya In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/4/2019
1776. Rabindera Nath Tagore K Rung Barangi Khilonay (Colored Toys) 4/6/2019
1777. Maya Angelou's On Aging (Budahapan)in Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/6/2019
1778. At The Same Time, W.S Mervin's Poem In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/6/2019
1779. A.A. Milne's Poem Happiness In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/8/2019
1780. Psalms 1-6, New Versions 4/8/2019
1781. Ghazal By Edil Hassan, A Clueless Attempt In Hindi/Urdu In Translation 4/9/2019
1782. The Beginning Of Speech By Adonis In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/9/2019
1783. Kya Kahun Us Se Ki Jo Baat Samajhta Hi Nahin By Fatima Hasan In English Translation 4/9/2019
1784. Sudarshan Faakhir: Merā Qātil Hī Merā Munsif Hai In English Translation 4/9/2019
1785. Khalilur Rahman Azmi: Na Jaane Kis Kī Hameñ Umr Bhar Talāsh Rahī In English Translation 6/7/2019
1786. Her Hair By Charles Baudelaire In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/7/2019
1787. Antjie Krog: Where I Become You, An Afrikaans Falling In Love Poem In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/8/2019
1788. Chalne Ka Hausla Nahin Rukna Muhaal Kar Diya, An Urdu Ghazal By Parveen Shakir In English Translation 6/8/2019
1789. Quiet Night Thought, A Chinese Poem By The Tang Dynasty Poey Li Bai In Hindi Translation 6/11/2019
1790. A Poem In Hindi/Urdu Based On Akhtar Jawad's Poem: Politics In Pakistan 6/11/2019
1791. Partition By Fatima Asghar In Hundi/Urdu Translation 6/12/2019
1792. Voor Ari, A Dutch Poem By J.A. Deedler In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/12/2019
1793. Omar Khayyam Asked Me, Etel Adnan In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/12/2019
1794. Tomorrow By Bedil Hadri In English Translation 6/12/2019
1795. Poetry Is A Tool 6/13/2019
1796. Brief Interval (Chahat Ka Ek Lehma)by Chery Clarke In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/13/2019
1797. Poem While Waiting (Intzaar Ki Shaaeri) , A Dutch Poem By J.A. Deeler In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/13/2019
1798. "Cold, Cold Is My Bed In The Winter" After Narsinh Mehta 6/19/2019
1799. Turning Forty By Kevin Griffith In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/19/2019
1800. When You Go Away(Jab Tum Chali Jaati Ho)by W.S. Merwin In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/19/2019

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (9/21/2019 1:39:00 PM)

    Ravi is a great poet and a translator. He is well versed in many languages and is an admirer of good poetry. But he has one small weakness. For some unknown reason, he hates or just dislikes Muslims in India or other parts of the world. May God (of his choice) Bless Him. I wish him all the best in his literary pursuits.

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Best Poem of Ravi Kopra

So Beautiful Is She

When I saw her for the first time
I got mesmerized
dreaming blue eyes
so beautiful
short curly wavy blond hair
a huge pleasant smile
dimples, not wrinkles
she looked so youthful, cheerful
hypnotized, I swayed
what could happen I thought
if I kept on looking at her!

I do not know.

But what do I know is this:
if De Vinci had seen her once
Mona Lisa would not be in the Louvre.

I cannot forget her blue eyes
her face, her heart warming smile
I close my eyes and still
I see her vividly.

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My First Kiss

Tuesday morning in Tampa
in the gardens of SFU,
I will give you my first caress,
my first kiss
You will by my spring, everything
our lives will begin

The birds will sing in trees
butterflies fly on lilies

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