Ravi Kopra

Ravi Kopra Poems

1961. Grief, A Punjabi Poem In English Translation 12/17/2017
1962. When I Will Wake Up In The Morning 12/20/2017
1963. What Is Life, A Urdu Poem Of Ibrat Machlishahri In English Translation 12/18/2017
1964. Without You, A Punjabi Poem In English Translation 12/16/2017
1965. Poem Of Love By Turkish Poet Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan In English Translation 12/12/2017
1966. Instant Love 11/14/2017
1967. I Feel Like The Lightening Has Struck My Soul Today, A Urdu Ghazal Of Abdul Hamid Adam In English Translation 12/10/2017
1968. The Moon 12/16/2017
1969. Life Has Loveliness To Sell, A Poem By Sara Teasdale In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/12/2018
1970. It Is Love, Real Love 2/11/2018
1971. The Axis Of My World 2/8/2018
1972. He Got Lost On His Way, A Rajnish Manga Hindi Poem In English Translation 2/8/2018
1973. At The Airport Terminal 1/31/2018
1974. No Moon, No Stars, No Skies 1/6/2018
1975. Pains Of Love 2/7/2018
1976. A Difficult Discourse 1/29/2018
1977. I Died 1/20/2018
1978. Climacteric, A Spanish Love Poem By Dina Posada In English Translation 12/12/2017
1979. Simplicity, A Poem By Barry Middleton In Urdu/Hindi Translation 12/12/2017
1980. But You Are Not Here With Me, A Punjabi Poem Of Amrita Pritam In English Translation 12/6/2017
1981. Translation Of A Russian Sonnet By V. Lantsberg Into English 12/4/2017
1982. I Love You, A Turkish Poem By Nazim Hikmet Into English Translation 12/4/2017
1983. A Monkey Poem 12/6/2017
1984. I Can't Manage My Affairs Now, A Urdu Ghazal By Faiz Ahmad Faiz Into English Translation 12/6/2017
1985. My Wife Is In Menopause, A Poem In Urdu 12/3/2017
1986. The Wind, One Brilliant Day, A Spanish Poem By Antonio Machado In Urdu Translation 12/3/2017
1987. Only The Remembrance Of My God Is Coming To Me, A Urdu Ghazal By Saqi Faruqi In English Translation 11/30/2017
1988. The Earth All White 11/21/2017
1989. Meeting, An Ekphrastic Hindi Poem By C.P. Sharma In English Translation 11/30/2017
1990. Orgasm 3 A Spanish Poem Of Dina Posada In English Translation 11/24/2017
1991. That's It. He Made It So Simple 11/23/2017
1992. Fire And Ice, A Poem By Robert Frost In Urdu Translation 11/20/2017
1993. Poetry 11/15/2017
1994. When I Kissed You For The First Time 11/15/2017
1995. Be Still, Calm Down 11/18/2017
1996. Agar Angrezi Tumari Tooti-Footi Hai 11/14/2017
1997. A Peaceful Chair 11/9/2017
1998. I Cannot Wait 11/7/2017
1999. My Bed Is Near The Window 11/2/2017
2000. Red Pretty Chappals - A Poems Inspired By Kumarmani Mahakul's Poem: Red Pretty Slippers 10/26/2017

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (9/21/2019 1:39:00 PM)

    Ravi is a great poet and a translator. He is well versed in many languages and is an admirer of good poetry. But he has one small weakness. For some unknown reason, he hates or just dislikes Muslims in India or other parts of the world. May God (of his choice) Bless Him. I wish him all the best in his literary pursuits.

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Best Poem of Ravi Kopra

So Beautiful Is She

When I saw her for the first time
I got mesmerized
dreaming blue eyes
so beautiful
short curly wavy blond hair
a huge pleasant smile
dimples, not wrinkles
she looked so youthful, cheerful
hypnotized, I swayed
what could happen I thought
if I kept on looking at her!

I do not know.

But what do I know is this:
if De Vinci had seen her once
Mona Lisa would not be in the Louvre.

I cannot forget her blue eyes
her face, her heart warming smile
I close my eyes and still
I see her vividly.

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Grandma's Wedding Shoes

I'm getting ready
For the garage sale tomorrow
My grandma passed away
A few weeks ago
She was a collector of things
You would never know.

I am thinking to sell
Her pair of wedding shoes

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