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2041. But You Are Not Here With Me, A Punjabi Poem Of Amrita Pritam In English Translation 12/6/2017
2042. I Can't Manage My Affairs Now, A Urdu Ghazal By Faiz Ahmad Faiz Into English Translation 12/6/2017
2043. Orgasm 3 A Spanish Poem Of Dina Posada In English Translation 11/24/2017
2044. That's It. He Made It So Simple 11/23/2017
2045. The Earth All White 11/21/2017
2046. Be Still, Calm Down 11/18/2017
2047. Poetry 11/15/2017
2048. When I Kissed You For The First Time 11/15/2017
2049. A Peaceful Chair 11/9/2017
2050. The Pleasure Of Plains, A Chinese Poem Of Li Shangyin In Translation 10/22/2017
2051. I Was Thinking Of You All Night - A Ghazal Of Faiz Ahmad Faiz In Translation 10/20/2017
2052. Translation Of Pablo Neruda's Love Poem 1 - Body Of A Woman 10/13/2017
2053. Translation - Lord Krishna And Arjuna In Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 10/12/2017
2054. A Rendering Of Li Bai's Chinese Poem: Amusing Myself 10/18/2017
2055. Every Night I Have My Sweetheart 10/11/2017
2056. English Translation Of A Pushkin's Poem: I Loved You 10/8/2017
2057. My First Kiss 10/7/2017
2058. When You Send Me A Bouquet Of Flowers 8/1/2006
2059. Agar Angrezi Tumari Tooti-Footi Hai 11/14/2017
2060. I Cannot Wait 11/7/2017
2061. My Bed Is Near The Window 11/2/2017
2062. Red Pretty Chappals - A Poems Inspired By Kumarmani Mahakul's Poem: Red Pretty Slippers 10/26/2017
2063. A Donkey Poem, Inspired By I Am What I Am, You Are What You Are Poem Of Gnrao Rao 11/2/2017
2064. Man Meets Man, A Urdu Ghazal Of Jigar Moradabadi In Translation 10/24/2017
2065. She Was My Rose, My Flower 10/30/2017
2066. Kali, The Blackest Of All, Is My Name 1/2/2018
2067. The Day I Return, A Spanish Love Song By Isi Alvarez In English 3/7/2018
2068. Watermelons 3/10/2018
2069. The Fond Memories Of My Village! 3/16/2018
2070. Saint Kabir Speaks To Indian English Poets Through Me 3/23/2018
2071. Who Created God? 3/21/2018
2072. Kabir - Come Within My Sight 3/20/2018
2073. I Love You Because 3/19/2018
2074. Kabir - A Rare Glimpse 3/17/2018
2075. Falling In Love On Facebook, A Love Poem In Punjabi/Hindi 3/10/2018
2076. How Can You Ever Erase From Your Heart All Of My Memories? A Urdu Ghazal By Aazim Kohli In English Translation 3/3/2018
2077. Life Has Loveliness To Sell, A Poem By Sara Teasdale In Hindi/Urdu Translation 2/12/2018
2078. It Is Love, Real Love 2/11/2018
2079. White Flowers 2/28/2018
2080. A Hand-Mirror Poem By Walt Whitman In Hindi/Urdu 4/19/2018

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Grandma's Wedding Shoes

I'm getting ready
For the garage sale tomorrow
My grandma passed away
A few weeks ago
She was a collector of things
You would never know.

I am thinking to sell
Her pair of wedding shoes
She wore one morning
Sixty years ago
Walking slowly
In a long tailed wedding gown,
Holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand
While her father held the other
Soon to be given away to her beau,
Walking beside her proud and smiling
In a wedding tuxedo.

Could she have wildly imagined then
That Thirty years later
Her unwed daughter
Would give ...

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Venice Beach

Why has the whole of love come to me suddenly.
I see you with me on the Venice beach
walking hand in hand in the evening
watching the sun go beyond the horizon.
We see a plump lady in a blue bikini.
I too have curves you turn your face and say
Stop looking at her
I am with you
Look at me!

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