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2161. Bulls And Pigs Eaters Of 2017 12/30/2017
2162. I Make Up My Mind, A Urdu Poem By Hafeez Jalandhari In English Translation 1/4/2018
2163. What Is Love 12/17/2017
2164. A Comment On A Poem By Gajanan Mishra: In X-Ray At Poemhunter 12/20/2017
2165. And I Became A Living Soul 12/24/2017
2166. I'm In Love With You, A Raj Swami Hindi Love Poem In English Translation 5/10/2018
2167. I Speak Straightforwardly And I Love You, A Hindi Poem By Raj Swami In English Translation 5/1/2018
2168. There Is No God 4/12/2018
2169. Sublime Prescription (Uddat Dawa Ka Parcha) , Dr. Dilip Kumar Swain's English Poem In Hindi 3/5/2018
2170. Let Us Get Out And Enjoy The Rains, A Hindi/Urdu Poem By M. Nasim Nehal In English Translation 2/8/2018
2171. God Tells Us To Love All 1/6/2018
2172. You Came, A Translation Of Akhtar Jawad's Urdu Poem Into An English Ghazal 11/25/2017
2173. Clouds, A Hindi Poem By Pushpa P. Parjiea In English Translation 12/10/2017
2174. O Captain! My Captain! By Walt Whitman In Hindi/Urdu Translation 1/23/2019
2175. Haiku - Morning Tea 2/6/2019
2176. No Option Left (Analysis Of A Poem From Odisha, India) 1/16/2020
2177. Congratulations And Adulations To Kumarmani Mahakul 10/14/2017
2178. When I Tell Him, A Urdu Poem In English Translation 12/16/2017
2179. Your Clothes And Shoes Full Of Dust 1/1/2018
2180. I Think Of You, A Turkish Love Poem By Nizam Hikmet Translated Into English 12/6/2017
2181. A Laborer, A Hindi Poem By Raj Swami In English Translation 5/3/2018
2182. Khalid Ahmed's Urdu Ghazal: Tark-E-Talluqat Pe Roya Na Tu Na Main In English Translation 3/17/2019
2183. So I Sit To Write, Analysis Of A Poem From Odisha, India 1/16/2020
2184. A New Version Of Luo Zhihai Poem: Are Tired And Lazy 10/12/2017
2185. In My Thoughts, A Hindi Poem By Raj Swam In English Translation 4/29/2018
2186. An Ode To Chalk 10/9/2017
2187. You And I (A Ghazal Of Rumi) 1/13/2007
2188. Three Kisses 10/7/2017
2189. Grandma's Wedding Shoes 8/7/2006
2190. So Beautiful Is She 10/12/2017

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Three Kisses

That scented oil perfume
rubbed on me when I held you close to me
this morning in the garden and gave you
three long kisses of love.

You were standing still with your eyes closed
when I cupped your beautiful face
suddenly your face turned red
you whole body shook and you said:

Soft waves of warmth are overtaking me
never have I ever felt like this before
I feel my life is beginning...

The fragrance of those scents is still with me
I am not washing myself, nor taking a shower
I want to sleep with your scents tonight
to have you all ...

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My First Kiss

Tuesday morning in Tampa
in the gardens of SFU,
I will give you my first caress,
my first kiss
You will by my spring, everything
our lives will begin

The birds will sing in trees
butterflies fly on lilies

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