Ravi Sathasivam Poems

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Little Boy Called Johnny.........

There is a little naughty boy called Johnny
who comes from a hill called Fenny
He rides on a pony to the market place
and asks everyone for money

A Jungle Can Not Be A Jungle Without Them......

God created this beautiful universe for us
He created beautiful animals and birds
for us to love them while we live
A jungle is never be a jungle without them

Because, You Love Me So Much...

My life without you is meaningless
I need you every night beside me
Your affection could bring me endless love
Your kindness makes my life worthwhile

Do Not Drink Alcohol And Drive......

A beautiful day brighten by a blue clouds
The smile of the sun lighten by its rays
Happily walking on the pavement of the road
Watching diffferent vehicles that over crowd the roads

When I Am Alone.......

When I am alone, I think about you
I think how much we are close to each other
even we are far distance
I think our love is in our hearts

When Will I See You Again My Love? ...

When will I see you again my love
Days have gone and your presence is still absent
The pain is so deep in my heart without being with you
I miss your sweet voice and not hearing your soft breath

The Day, When I Met You.....

The day, when I met you........

I shall never forget the day I met you.
I was the luckiest man on earth when I was with you on that day

Jesus Christ, I Thank You For Loving Me......

Jesus Christ, I thank you for loving me.

I have come to church to say thank you Jesus
for loving me and caring me.

Let My Heart Always Reminds Me Of You....

Let the morning bring freshness for me
Let the sun bring brightness for me
Let the gentle breeze bring softness for me
Let the nature brings beauty for me

Love Knows No Distance..........

When the night comes
I find difficult to sleep
You are in my dream
I see you and I feel you