Ravi Sathasivam Poems

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The Beautiful Mountain Valley...

The mountain valley is the place of nature's gift
Through out the season it shower with beautiful nature
When you stand in between the mountain valley
You feel that the heaven blesses you dearly

My Wonderful Wife............

Since we married, our life journey sails smoothly
step by step with out any barrier or trouble
We walk side by side as a husband and wife
We know the day when we started our life

Because Of You.................

Because of you, I feel more alive
Because of you, I am happy everyday
Because of you, I am passing through my life
Because of you, I am no longer alone

You Have Touched My Heart...

When I met you first
I know you are made for me
Your charming personality won me
From that day you are in my heart

I Want You To Be Mine......

When the sun shines in my life
then I want you to be my light
When the moon bring romantic nights
then I want you to be my Juliet

My Loving Daughter.......

A treasure and blessings for us from our God
to have you as a wonderful and sweet daughter
You bring us a special joy and charm
and fills happiness around our home

Don'T Cry For Me.....

The time has come for me to say good bye to you
I want to stay with you for ever but I can not do so
because a distant voice called me to come
My painful life is going to be end with relief

God's Love..........

Oh my God, you are so great
Let all your creations on the earth give you praise
Let your spiritual power fills our earth with love
We always worship you with our inner spirit and truth

My Success Is My Wife......

How I have achieved my success
because a woman behind my shadow
She is my ever loving wife and guardian
She made our family strong well

Because Of Christmas Day...........

When the December comes
When the white snow cover our lands
My heart is filled with joy
because this is the month for Christmas