Ravi Sathasivam

Ravi Sathasivam Poems

161. A Great Soldier Yet To Be Seen..... 10/18/2004
162. Jesus Christ, You Are My Superstar....... 6/24/2006
163. Because, Its All Of You...... 3/4/2007
164. What Is Faith And Belief? ..... 5/5/2008
165. The Mad World..... 11/25/2009
166. Earthquake........ 1/23/2010
167. I Am Waiting For My Love..... 10/18/2004
168. I Know Your Pain... 10/18/2004
169. My Dream Girl...... 10/18/2004
170. Little Innocent Orphan Angels......... 10/18/2004
171. My Heart Is Filled With Joy.......... 10/18/2004
172. They Are Refugees In Their Own Country..... 10/18/2004
173. Twinkle, Twinkle All The Nights......... 10/18/2004
174. Because, You Love Me So Much... 10/19/2004
175. Do Not Drink Alcohol And Drive...... 10/19/2004
176. When I Am Alone....... 10/18/2004
177. Let Me Stay In Your Kingdom Of Love... 10/19/2004
178. Why My Love? .... 10/18/2004
179. Nihal (Baila) Samarasinhe............ 10/19/2004
180. No Matter, If You Say Good Bye... 10/19/2004
181. Until You Become My Wife...... 12/21/2004
182. Happy Birthday................. 12/4/2004
183. What Made You To Think Me Want To Leave You? ..... 10/31/2004
184. My Sweet Heart....... 11/25/2004
185. God's Gift....... 5/20/2005
186. The Blind Man On The Street.... 4/20/2005
187. Miracle Of Your Heart....... 4/24/2005
188. God's Love Is The Most Valuable Gift....... 6/14/2005
189. The Invisible Wisdom Of God......... 6/23/2005
190. My Paper Love..... 7/7/2005
191. Let You And Me Live Together Forever.... 12/9/2005
192. Is It All Over My Love? ........... 5/23/2006
193. My Love, How Do I Know You Love Me..... 9/6/2010
194. Until All Our Life Is Sailed Through...... 9/18/2006
195. An Old Man's Crumbles........ 9/27/2010
196. There Is A Song In My Heart...... 7/20/2006
197. How Do I Know That You Love Me......... 12/15/2005
198. Jesus Christ, Is The Only Way...... 10/1/2005
199. My Son, Your Mother Left You And Me Alone...... 6/19/2005
200. God Is Existing....... 5/14/2005

Comments about Ravi Sathasivam

  • Anushka (7/26/2018 11:09:00 AM)

    Its nice but it not like a poem it like a story

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  • Maloo Bajaj (7/5/2018 10:15:00 PM)

    very nice poems

  • , , , (12/1/2004 12:16:00 AM)


    Your work reflects a sincere beauty that often is lacking in a lewd world.

    I congratulate you for your intensity and integrity.

    Your work is sweet and humbling and I thank you kind sir.

  • Ravi Sathasivam Ravi Sathasivam (10/22/2004 1:10:00 AM)

    Hi Maria,

    Well, you are not cynical.
    I always appreciate comment from people like you.
    Yes, I am your new friend. (ravisathasivam2002@yahoo.com)
    God bless you

  • Ravi Sathasivam Ravi Sathasivam (10/21/2004 12:54:00 AM)

    Dear Maria,

    Thanks again for your comment. I do really appreciate. You may be correct with your words but every one has their own way to express their own thoughts. I have freedom from my pen and mind that’s creates what I feel is right. I don’t know about your work
    And it is honest or not but as a writer I will respect your pen. My work may be seems
    ‘Kinda gushy’ as you have said but I am sure that I have written with acceptable decent language. I don’t say that you are insulting me. You have your right to comment anything you want. Some time it could help a writer to improve his work. I do understand
    That way too. And at the same time I thank you for taking interest & care on my work.
    May God be with you

  • Ravi Sathasivam Ravi Sathasivam (10/20/2004 7:28:00 AM)

    Madam Maria Davids,

    For your information, I am not an Indian.
    I am come from Sri Lanka and my country is very clean in all repects.
    Your comments are very welcome but think well before what you write.

  • David Keig (10/18/2004 4:50:00 AM)


    much as i admire productivity and creativity i think you may be over-doing the number of poems you are posting!

    there is not enough time in the day to give any one of them justice because there are so many of them


Best Poem of Ravi Sathasivam

My Love, I Am Sorry To Hurt You.......

I am sorry to hurt your feelings my love
I should have kept my promises as I have told you
But I don't know the reason why I did wrong to you
I felt sad when I show your tears rolling on your cheeks
I know you are very upset over me
and don't want to talk to me either
If you feel that I had hurt you by unpleasant words
then please forgive me and accept my sorry
Do not stop talking to me my love
If you do so, my heart will burst into thousand pieces
You know how much I am in love with you
and without you my loneliness will take me to hell
Always, there is a ...

Read the full of My Love, I Am Sorry To Hurt You.......

My Internet Love.......

My internet love.........

There are so many friends come and go
on the net but you are the one I ever loved
I can remember the day how we met
I have yet to see your face and hear your voice
But I felt that you are a great friend of mine
Our friendships were grown up with understandings
but my emotion touched me hard to fall love with you

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