Veteran Poet - 1,108 Points (7TH OCTOBER 1951 / Trissur, Kerala State, India.)


521. Countries Of Division 11/8/2007
522. Coffee Shop 12/27/2007
523. Old Is Gold. 2/20/2008
524. Polticians Ofr Wrong Doings. 2/25/2008
525. I Fell For U..... 3/17/2008
526. Resisiting..... (Couplet) 4/29/2008
527. Black Hawk Down 12/4/2007
528. Chocolate Love 11/12/2007
529. Metamorphosis 10/23/2007
530. Santa Claus... A Joyful Arrival 12/11/2007
531. C A M P U S L I F E + + = + + 11/29/2007
532. Flying Kiss (Couplet) 3/18/2008
533. Caste And Creed 2/22/2008
534. Fear (Couplet) 2/27/2008
535. Street Vendor. 12/27/2007
536. Blue Eyes (Couplet) 3/14/2008
537. Tears Of Allah 11/7/2007
538. French Teacher 12/6/2007
539. Funny Bones 2/10/2008
540. Nothing Like The Truth. 12/30/2007
541. Mother Theresa, The Great Mother 10/31/2007
542. Ode To Poem Hunter 12/11/2007
543. Rice Fields. 12/24/2007
544. F O L K D A N C E 12/23/2007
545. Pet Dogs (Couplet) 4/3/2008
546. Neem Tree 12/14/2007
547. Asoka, The Great Emperor. 10/8/2007
548. School Boys' Secret Talks. 11/29/2007
549. Make Love With A Dog...Canine Love.... 11/18/2007
550. A Soldier's Wife. 11/29/2007
551. Waiting.... 10/1/2007
552. Marriages Are Made In Heaven 11/26/2007
553. Single Mother 10/16/2007
554. Tipu Sultan -Tiger Of Mysore. 10/13/2007
555. Food, Oh Food! 9/16/2007


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Food, Oh Food!

I have been chasing that truck,
For 2kms, now and I will be dead
For the morsel the world cannot reach me,
Or the gods that cant make in my soil.
Why do these guys fight madly,
Brother to brother, friend to friend,
I and my type of folks live and die,
For the the beliefs and wrath
They carry, billions on arms are
Here to fight, but not a grain
To swallow, the land has become
Waterless and dry, even the rivers
have flown away, as if scared of
Human madness, Oh food, food
When will you appear for our hungry
Souls, which sure will go to ...

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Mango Tree

Under the huge mango tree,
Some thrty feet in hight,
In my house of chilood time,
I threw stones at the mangoes,
And she felled one promptly,
Into my gaping mouth.
I had ahell of time taking it out,
Since it was tightely embeded,
Which I felt her anger at

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