Ravinder Kumar Soni

Gold Star - 7,879 Points [Ravi Soni] (05/04/1944 / Delhi)

Ravinder Kumar Soni Poems

281. Bitterness 11/14/2016
282. Preference 11/15/2016
283. Isolated Strays 11/16/2016
284. Contentment 11/16/2016
285. The Cringe 11/20/2016
286. What Am I? 11/21/2016
287. The Drift 11/22/2016
288. Effect Of Time 10/31/2016
289. Leeway -new- 8/21/2017
290. Winsome Anger 11/1/2016
291. A Revised Tryst 11/24/2016
292. A Glimpse Of Old Age 11/7/2016
293. Old Age Cramp 10/31/2016
294. Hidden Smile -new- 8/20/2017
295. Differing Fortunes 10/5/2016
296. Loneliness 9/19/2016
297. The Cry 9/3/2016
298. Unawareness 11/26/2015
299. Rafta Rafta Aadmi Jb Qafilon Mein But Gayaa 11/26/2015
300. Understanding Reality 9/14/2016
301. Wanting Relief 8/3/2016
302. Last Wish 11/14/2016
303. Heavenly Bliss 10/16/2016
304. A Prayer 2/14/2016
305. Promise 8/26/2016
Best Poem of Ravinder Kumar Soni


When I arrive at your gates it will be
The arrival of awaited Spring to meet.
I have noticed, of late you haven't been
Cheerful and active, your garden dull and dry;
But, I shall redo your life for you,
And Spring will revive your garden too
Filling it up with coloured and scented blooms;
We shall then gleefully make you move and act,
Be lively, smile and long for more.

Your sunlight, the wind and rain I am,
You are my life, my love and cosy shade;
Because of us and for us all things exist,
Making us worthy of life we lead
All happy, spry ...

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Harchand Chaahataa Huun

ہر چند چاھتا ہوں کہ اُنکا کہا کروں
لیکن یہ آرزو کہ تماشا کِیا کروں

سوُرج کی روشنی نے کیا دل کو داغ داغ
لی ہے پناہ تیرگیِ شب میں کیا کروں

ہر اشکِ خونِ دل کے ہے جی میں یہ آجکل
ایسا بھی ہو کہ پلکوں سے اُنکی بہا کروں

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